iLife '04 First Impressions
by Judd Spitzer

Posted: 1-27-2004

Got my copy of iLife '04, purchased courtesy of the Mac Guild's special Apple website.

My first impressions is that this is well worth the money. A+

While I know that in the past we all talk about how we've gotten it for free and now they're charging for it. That is a bummer, but the price is right at less than $50. But are you getting what you pay for? Well, iTunes is free and probably will always be free (until they release some platinum edition).

So here's some first impressions with a bit of a rundown...


Just the mere fact that they fixed the program to handle thousands of image files makes this software once again a pleasure to use. Much of the software interface is the same, but a few bells and whistles like Sepia and a snazzier slideshow.


They did something to make this program a bit faster. While I personally don't have a DV camera, I still like to take my video clips from my still digital camera and mess around a bit. iMovie is doing the job quite nicely there!


Wow, they've added lots and lots of great backgrounds. I think that it seems a bit more savvy as well. This makes that purchase of iLife pretty easy to swallow if you have a DVD burner!


This is by far this year's killer App. Why? Well, you don't have to be a musician, and you can be making some great stuff that will simply amaze the recording industry. I think that people in the industry will be running scared after they see this stuff. I personally enjoy techno style music, and this allows me to be a techno recording artist. I think that at the price with all the Apps you get in iLife, it will be hard for people to pass up this software.


Well brothers and sisters, if you aren't using iTunes, then you almost have to ask yourself why you have a Mac. ;-)

Cheers All!