Mac Guild Hotline Server

    As an alternative to HTTP and FTP, the Mac Guild also operates off of the Avalon Hotline server. Hotline is a protocol for accessing a server via the intranet or internet, similar to HTTP or FTP. Hotline is geared more for file access, such as FTP, but is much more user-friendly than FTP, and it also provides many other nice features (such as news bulletins, real-time chat, etc.).

In order to use Hotline, you need to have a Hotline client (a free download). You also need to have a Hotline URL. Below is an outline of how to use Hotline, including links to download the Hotline client, pictures of how Hotline works, and the Avalon Hotline URL for accessing all the Mac Guild download files (freeware and shareware).
  STEP 1 - Download the Client

You can download the Hotline Client application from one of the following sources:

  STEP 2 - Install the Software

After downloading the client software, install it on your hard disk. For instructions on installation or detailed information about the program, refer to the documentation that comes with the package, or check out the Hotline web site.

Additionally, you may want to setup your browser to recognize Hotline links so that when you click on a hotline link, it automatically launches the Hotline client. Here's how to do it in Netscape:

  1. Go to Netscape Preferences
  2. Under Navigator, choose Applications
  3. Click on the New... button
  4. Fill in the Edit window as follows:

    Description: Hotline Link
    MIME Type: application/x-hotline-bookmark
    Handled by: Application: Hotline Client (use the Choose... button to select your Hotline client application)
    File Info: File type: HTbm

  5. Now click on OK

    From then on, your browse should recognize hotline links.
  STEP 3 - Become a User

Following the instructions with your client download, set yourself up as a user. Give yourself a unique name, and setup the other preferences as you desire. You do not need to worry about using a Proxy. If you are behind the LM firewall, you cannot access Hotline servers outside the firewall. Avalon is outside the firewall, so in order to access Avalon from within the firewall, you must use HTTP or FTP access. If you are outside the LM firewall, you can use Hotline to access the Avalon server.

You can logon to Avalon as a guest and have download privileges. If you want some extra privileges (like uploading), log in using your Mac Guild logon information. The logon credentials are announced on the Mac Guild mailing list (send a query to the list if you missed it).

  STEP 4 - Access the Server

Under the Hotline menu, choose "Connect..." (or Cmd-K).

For the server, enter If you know the Mac Guild logon credentials, enter those in the Login and Password fields (otherwise leave them blank). If you have not already saved a bookmark for Avalon, before clicking Connect, click Save... to save this as a bookmark. In the future, you can then open the bookmark and bypass this Connect dialog. After saving the bookmark, click on Connect.

NOTE: The Mac Guild logon ID is lmmg. To get the password, send an email to

You are instantly connected to the server. You should notice several icons on the toolbar which are now active.

The icon with the file and folder pictures will open the Files folder on the server. From there, you can navigate through the folders in a similar fashion as you would in the Mac OS Finder. When you find a file you want to download, simply double-click it, and the download begins. The status of the download (including the download speed) will be displayed in the task window. If the task window is now showing, simply press the task icon (the one with the intertwining arrows).

Explore, download files, post news, chat with other users, and have fun!