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by Rich Levin, InformationWeek

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Buy a Macintosh, improve your return on investment. That's the finding of a study to be published in August by high-technology market researcher Gistics, in Larkspur, Calif. The company's research also suggests IT leaders emphasize ROI over simply driving down the total cost of ownership.

The independently funded report says Mac users in the digital-media production sector, such as advertising, marketing and Web development, produce on average $26,441 more annual revenue and $14,488 more net profit per person than Windows users of comparable skill engaged in similar work activities.

The revenue differential enables Mac-based digital-media production studios to achieve payback on desktop systems in 4.59 months, the report says, while Win NT-based companies require 12.58 months to recoup. The researchers said they polled 30,226 media professionals and 10,000 media-producing companies before compiling their results.

"We were surprised," said Stephan M.H. Braitman, Gistics editor-in-chief and director of professional publications. "But basically, the bottom line is, if you want to make a profit as a media-production studio, large or small, buy a Mac, because the return on investment is clear."

Braitman said the Mac's ROI differential transitions well to other, more mundane computing sectors, such as word processing, spreadsheets and database services. "A lot of these results are applicable across a wider spectrum of the industry," he said.

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