The PC Grill
by Moe Bradley

If you attempt to actually try this, do so AT YOUR OWN RISK!

The PC Grill
Finally - a good use for a PC!

Just in time for Labor Day, Summer's last 3-day weekend!


  1. Find a metal PC frame in a size that will meet your needs (use an old or new PC, doesn't matter much the PC will be more useful this way anyhow!).

    HEALTH WARNING - DO NOT USE A FRAME THAT HAS BEEN GALVANIZED - the galvanization will produce toxic fumes when your coals or wood fire up.

  2. Remove any PC components, adhesive, plastic, rubber, labels, etc., that are in or on the case (in other words, anything flammable). Scrub the case with a stiff brush and a good detergent (the kind that dissolves grease) and rinse well.

  3. Turn the case onto its solid side and set it on cinder blocks, bricks, or some other sturdy base, to elevate the case above the ground. Make sure it is securely supported.

  4. If desired, you may place an elevated grate in the bottom of the case to provide airflow under your coals or firewood. Fill the case with enough kindling and charcoal or firewood to suit your needs and light it up!

    The bay openings allow great airflow, and the shape of the case makes it an especially good platform for kabobs or spit-roasting!