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Mac Guild Raffles for 2006

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All entrants have a certain number of tickets based upon your membership level. Your odds of winning are better the higher your level. Occasionally, we will have raffles where pending and lurker members may also particpate (many raffles, however, will have a minimum level requirement).

Once you win a raffle, you may not enter any follow-on raffles (one raffle winning per year). There are some exceptions to this rule, and these exceptions will be noted prior to the raffle.

Increase your chances of winning by elevating your membership level. The average ticket structure is as follows:

I reserve the right to change the requirements, rules, and/or methods of doing the raffles at any time during the year.

All raffles are conducted on the web. Each raffle drawing will be conducted by the winner of the previous raffle (logon will be required). Prior to the final drawing selection, all members may logon to the Raffle page and make test picks. The Raffle page also lists all the entrants, their number of tickets, and their chance of winning the current raffle (and you may also view past raffles).

Click here to logon to the Raffle page.

2007 Drawings

Raffle Prize Winner Can Enter Again This Year?
iPod Nano Diane Love YES
Denim Mac Guild Shirt Mel Krewall YES
Mumbo Jumbo Solitaire Collection Greg Edwards YES
Verbatim 256MB thumb drive
Apple black mouse pad
Bob Jehle NO
Parallels software
Eudora baseball cap
Danny Groveman NO
Peachpit Book of Choice
Java T-shirt
Doug Parker NO
128MB G4 RAM Todd Ferguson YES
Prosoft Drive Genius
Apple Pen & Pencil set
Robert Gibson NO
Prosoft Drive Genius
Black Apple t-shirt
John Gebhardt NO
BBEdit 8
Apple black mousepad
Terry F. Cox NO
MacSoft Scrabble
"World without Fences" t-shirt
iPod keychain
Laura Mooney NO
MacSoft Monopoly
Apple Pen & Pencil set
Apple black mousepad
Brian Loerzel NO
Freeverse Lineform
Apple Pen & Pencil set
Black iPod Blinkit t-shirt
Marcus Haptonstall NO
MacSoft Age of Empires III
Apple Pen & Pencil set
Apple black mousepad
John Venneman NO
MacSoft Age of Mythology
Blue "Hello I'm a Mac" t-shirt
Apple Pen & Pencil set
Scott Bender NO
MacSoft AoE III: War Chiefs
Black Apple t-shirt - Large
The iPod Playlist Book
Robert Vendryes NO
Freeverse Airburst
128MB USB 2.0 thumb drive
Tropical TopXNotes
James Wiggs NO
Adobe Indesign CS3 book
Peak 4 NFR
Apple keychain
Harvey Wong NO
BBEdit 8
Apple black beanie cap
Guide to OS X Tiger book
Lenny Sachs NO
Blue "Hello I'm a Mac" t-shirt
Apple keychain
Bundle of Microsoft pencils
Blue Eudora 6 t-shirt
Kimball Smith NO
  Ray Calande NO
Adapting to Web Standards book
256MB USB thumb drive
Apple tapestry
Bundle of Microsoft pencils
Jim Melton NO
Chessmaster 9000
Prosoft Data Recycler
Apple keychain
Lawrence Peng NO
Power Chips & High Roller
Apple black beanie cap
Apple black mousepad
Dan Schneider NO
Mariner MacJournal
Blue Mac Guild baseball cap
Apple keychain
Bob Schumann NO
Dreamweaver CS3 book
iWork '05 NFR
Apple keychain
Bundle of Microsoft pencils
Robert Zimmerman NO
  Mike Lloyd NO
  Vince Klisch NO

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History of Past Raffle Prizes




  • Bob Kenyon - 3-pack Verbatim Moviereel DVD-R's
  • Mel Krewall - ADS Pyro A/V Link API-550
  • John Nakai - Thursby DAVE 5
  • Pam Shoemaker - Sybex "Mac Digital Photography"
  • Garth Fletcher - Cocktail for Mac OS X
  • Robert Hanno - MacPlay No One Lives Forever 2
  • Tom Leahey - Volume Logic for iTunes
  • Narinder Dogra - Mac OS X Panther
  • Bud Simrin - Mac OS X Panther
  • Mike Wakefield - Volume Logic for iTunes
  • Bob Jehle - (2) Take Control eBooks
  • Stan Hadley - BabelBlox
  • Gordon Hamachi - FastMac coupon
  • Steve Larsen - Ten for X Volume II
  • Bob Schumann - MacAlly Bluetooth Dongle
  • Dale Mead - Allume Spring Cleaning
  • Lawrence Peng - MacPlay Hard Rock Casino
  • Marcus Haptonstall - MacPlay Emperor's Mahjong
  • Jeff Tave - Apple Been There ... Done That t-shirt
  • Gene Strand - MacPlay Kasparaov Chessmate
  • Steve Lazarus - Allume Ten for X: Volume 1
  • Tony Brown - Illuminex's MarbleX
  • Bill Brennan - Apple Mock Turtleneck
  • Harvey Chao - Apple Sweatshirt
  • Stephen Compton - NT Dragonburn
  • Robert Zimmerman - Apple Pen/Microsoft Hat/O'Reilly Cup
  • Janet Robertson - Aspen Apple t-shirt
  • Mike Lloyd - SOHO Business Card software
  • Kimball Smith - Startly QuicKeys X3
  • Craig Ehrlich - MacAlly iVoice II
  • Rob Packett - Dantz Retrospect
  • Greg Edwards - MacPlay Fallout
  • Steve Nickerson - OS X T-shirt
  • David Arnold - Apple Logo T-shirt
  • Tom Hughston - Apple Logo T-shirt
  • Bill Teawell - USB Watch


  • Sharon Garrison - Cube T-shirt
  • Hazel Valera - Been There Done That T-shirt
  • David Arnold - Mac Developer Journal
  • Bruce Giancola - Mac Developer Journal


  • Moe Bradley - Full Pass for Mac OS X Conference
  • Terry Houle - Apple Mock Turtleneck
  • Robert Hanno - Been There Done That T-shirt


  • Ray Calande - Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 Studio Bundle
  • Charles Fulton - Mac OS 10.1
  • Keith Mitchell - Appleworks 6 + Appleworks: The Missing Manual
  • KC MacGregor - Apple White Mock Turtleneck
  • Moe Bradley - Apple Black Beach Thongs
  • Robert Rabun - Apple Been There Done That T-shirt
  • Tomas Lovato - Apple G4 Cube T-shirt
  • Terry Telke - Black EMR T-shirt
  • Jim Melton - White EMR T-shirt
  • Jerry O'Neil - Apple Keychain

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