"Castillo Tremors" Contest

Nov 22, 2006


This contest is dubbed Castillo Tremors, as it reflects the after-shocks of the last big Mac Guild contest, MacSurvivor: Castillo. This post-Castillo contest started on 8/22/06 and focused on the MacSurvivor Castillo contest; and more specifically, the Castillo web site.

Tremors was open to all Mac Guild members. After receiving entries, I scheduled iChat sessions with each of the contestants (requiring either a .Mac account or an AIM account). In order to qualify for this contest, each contestant had to catch me online to validate their entry. They were requested to add the following to their Buddy list in iChat:

.Mac account: macguild
Name: Bill Catambay

Phase 1 included answering 3 questions during an iChat discussion. The answers would then be rated to determine who advances to Phase 2 of the contest.

Out of the 11 entrants received for the Castillo Tremors contest, only 6 would be able to advance to Phase 2. Four contestants did not meet the minimum requirements, so that left just 7 to compete.

The answers were scored on three levels: WIT, ENTHUSIASM, and SPEED. WIT reflects the accuracy of the answers, ENTHUSIASM reflects the date they showed up, and SPEED reflects how long it took to provide the answers. Each category was worth 30 points, making the total possible 90 points.

Those who met from 8/22 to 8/24 received a 30 point enthusiasm score. Those who met fro 8/25 to 8/28 received a 15 point enthusiasm score. Those who met between 8/29 to 9/2 qualified, but did not receive an enthusiasm bonus. Speed bonus was based upon how quickly the questions were answered (0 points if never answered). Wit bonus was based upon the accuracy of the answers.

The highest overall score received an advancement prize, and those who did not make it into the top 6 positions received a consolation prize (see table below for scoring). Mike received Unix Advanced: Visual QuickPro Guide, a book donated by Peachpit Press. Brian received consolation prizes of an Apple round mouse pad and an Apple Display Poster.

Place Contestant WIT ENTHUSIAM SPEED Overall Score
#1 Mike 30 pts 30 pts 2' 71"
30 pts
90 pts
#2 Danny 20 pts 30 pts 3' 52"
20 pts
70 pts
#3 Moe 30 pts 30 pts 44' 0"
5 pts
65 pts
#4 Greg 23 pts 15 pts 11' 8"
10 pts
48 pts
#5 Jim 17 pts 30 pts 0 pts 47 pts
#6 Matt 23 pts 0 pts 11' 5"
10 pts
33 pts
#7 Brian 10 pts 15 pts 0 pts 25 pts

Phase 2 broke the remaining 6 contestants into two teams of 3. The two teams would engage in another group iChat session to fight for prizes.


Mike, AIM ID mrlloyd53
Greg, AIM ID hmbjuggler
Jim, AIM ID thefusiondude


Danny, AIM ID dgrove21
Moe, .Mac ID moeb99
Matt, AIM ID docmatt23

The two teams met privately amongsts themselves to decide when to meet me online via iChat, and to discuss whether they would be playing the final round "Cascade" style or "Designated Hitter" style.

1. CASCADE STYLE - Once I ask the question, the timer begins until one member of the team types "STOP". At that point, the last submitted answer is counted (all answers typed prior to it are ignored).

2. DESIGNATED HITTER STYLE - The very first answer sent out by the designated team member will stop the timer and will be treated as the final answer.

There will be 15 questions for the Team Finals. The questions will be a little harder than the questions from before. Some answers may be found directly on the
MacSurvivor Castillo page, but many answers will be buried on pages that are linked from the main page. Each team contains a member from the original contest (Jim on Team Alpha, and Moe on Team Bravo). 70% of the score will be based upon the accuracy of the answers. 30% of the score will be based upon the speed of the answers.

The Questions (answers in parenthesis):
  1. Who was the first member of the jury? (Judd)
  2. What were the names of the original two Castillo tribes? (maclion & iofthetiger)
  3. Which four contestants won a Dragthing license? (John, Diane, Mark & Jim)
  4. In the Island Rush challenge, at what island did the battle of the vessels take place? (Pinot)
  5. Who ran the Mystic Tavern in Mystic City? (Moe)
  6. Which contestant won an EZQuest Boa DVD+/-RW drive? (Scott)
  7. In the New Buddies challenge, which team scored highest with the judges? (Mark/Scott)
  8. Which two contestants won Allume The Big Mix? (Hazel & Lane)
  9. Who was the mayor of Mystic City? (Judd)
  10. Which of the top 3 finishers was an original contestant? (Diane)
  11. Who was quality control for the maclion web site? (Mark)
  12. Who is on top of the plane at the iofthetigers web site? (Hazel)
  13. In the Island Rush challenge, which island did neither team visit? (Vid Roja)
  14. In Zapatti, what was the highest priced prize that was not claimed and how much was it? (Pyro A/V Link for 400,000 zapatti)
  15. Comparing the thumb image on http://macguild.org/contests/contest6.html and the enlarged image at http://macguild.org/contests/castillo/images/castillo-cast.jpg, name as many differences as you can.

Questions 1 through 14 were asked to the team, but question 15 was asked individually to each team member privately. This last question was to determine the "pecking order" for prize selections among the team. The following aspects of the images were accepted as valid answers for this question:

  1. Big image has one less sand mound on top
  2. Flag is textured in big image, not in thumb
  3. Flag & flagpole are reversed
  4. Bill is reversed
  5. Big image has people shadows
  6. Big image has the MacMole lurking in the cave
  7. Diane's arm is behind tree trunk in thumb, in front in big image
  8. Scott, Moe and Hazel are closer together in big image
  9. Plants in front of Moe and Hazel reach higher in big image
  10. Hand on pole is closer to flag in thumb image

The Results

Team Alpha met on 9/22/06, the and results are as follows:

1. judd - 1min 2secs
2. maclions and iofthetiger - 22 secs
3. Diane Love - 45 secs (WRONG)
4. Pinot - 40 secs
5. Moe - 47 secs
6. Scott - 26 secs
7. Mark & Scott - 1 mins 15 secs
8. Hazel & Lane - 48 secs
9. Judd - 37 secs
10. Diane - 21 secs
11. Mark - 35 secs
12. Hazel - 20 secs
13. Vid Roja - 39 secs
14. Pyro A/V Link API-550 - $400,000 - 54 secs

15. Greg = 4, Mike = 2, Jim = 3

13/14 = 93 points
Total time = 8 mins 29 secs = 91 points
Total Score: 184 points

Team Bravo met on 10/8/06, the and results are as follows:

1. Judd - 31 secs
2. Maclion and iofthetiger - 22 secs
3. gebhart, love, pickett melton - 30 secs
4. Pinot - 40 secs
5. Moe - 23 secs
6. scott bender - 40 secs
7. diane/John - 51 secs (WRONG)
8. Hazel and LANE SMITH - 31 secs
9. Judd - 16 secs
10. Diane Love - 59 secs
11. Lane - 26 secs (WRONG)
12. Hazel - 28 secs
13. Vid roja - 1 min 16 secs
14. Pyro a/v link api 550 400,000 zapati - 44 secs

15. Danny = 3, Moe = 2, Matt = 2

12/14 = 86 points
Total time = 8 mins 37 secs = 83 points
Total Score: 169 points

Team Alpha gets to choose their prizes first, then Team Bravo. Within each team, the pecking orders were established based upon correct answers to question #15. The final order for prize selections is:

  1. Greg
  2. Jim
  3. Mike
  4. Danny
  5. Moe & Matt (tied)

The Prizes

The Primary Prizes that were Available:
  • Microspot MacDraft (NFR) - Design and drafting software
  • Softpress Freeway 3.5 (NFR) - Web design software
  • Macally Ice Key keyboard
  • Logitech Cordless Navigator Duo (Keyboard & Mouse)
  • Allume Ten for X Utilities
  • Octivox Clear Call
  • Mumbo Jumbo Snowball Run
  • Super Gamehouse Solitaire Collection
  • Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer
  • Office: Mac accessory pack (Pen, Pad of paper, XL t-shirt, travel mug)
  • Apple Beach Thongs
  • Virtual PC accessory pack (water bottle, XL t-shirt)

The Secondary Prizes that were Available:

  • (2) 1984-2004 iPod Posters
  • Apple round mouse pads
  • Blue plain mouse pads
  • Peachpit Press Cap (Red)
  • (2) Eudora "6" Cap (Navy Blue)
  • (2) .Sit Happens white t-shirts (L & XL)
  • Tiger black t-shirt (XL)
  • (2) Eudora "6" blue t-shirts (L)
  • Mac OS "X" white t-shirt (M)
  • Apple white mock turtlenecks (2M, XXL, 2XXXL)

Each finalist got to choose one primary and one secondary prize. The final prize giveaways were as follows:

  1. Greg - Microspot MacDraft (NFR) and Tiger black t-shirt
  2. Jim - Logitech Cordless Navigator Duo and Apple round mouse pad
  3. Mike - Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer and .Sit Happens t-shirt
  4. Danny - Freeway Express 3.5 and Apple White Mock Turtleneck
  5. Moe - Octivox Clear Call and Apple round mouse pad
  6. Matt - Allume Ten for X and 1984-2004 iPod Poster

Final Words

Greg Edwards

I joined the contest because I had never played in one and I felt that a game would be a useful way to teach computer security. I run 2 online InfoSec seminars a week at LM with attendance from 30-299 people this year. I am planning to run an InfoSec one on 21 November called 'The Turkey Caper'.

I found the contest fun and interesting. I hope you run more of them.

Thank you

Jim Melton

Any time I participate in a Mac Guild challenge, I enjoy getting to virtually meet other members of the Guild. We have a great membership, a wealth of Mac knowledge.

Although I lived through the Castillo challenge first-hand, I found myself continually challenged to find the random bits of trivia scattered through the various web pages associated with the contest. No matter how much you think you know, there is always more that you don't.

And finally, participating in Mac Guild contests is a great way to get really cool prizes. Always a bonus to me.

Mike Lloyd

I enjoyed the contest and gained a much better understanding of the amount of work that Bill puts into the Users Group. Each team also put a lot of work into the Isle of Castillo contest and each team was creative in their development of their web sites. I also enjoyed beginning to attach faces to names. Unfortunately, I missed out on getting more information on the web sites because I did not study them. The contest also showed my need to practice my iChat skills. Chatting is still a struggle and I feel that its communication bandwidth is much slower than conversation. This is probably due to generational differences. I did enjoy the experience of using the chat, but need more practice. In general, I found the contest stimulating and would like the opportunity to participate in another one.

Danny Groveman

I really enjoyed the experience, as it was new to me, and I can say that I was somewhat disappointed when it was over and that it was over so quickly. At first, I agreed and entered into the contest with a
certain amount of anxiety. This anxiety stemmed from reviewing and regarding the prior MacSurvivor contest, which was a marathon of varied and wide-ranging smaller tasks. When I contemplated a long-term commitment, I really was uncertain about how it would play out, and whether or not I was up to it. I can say after it was done, I was a little surprised and disappointed that the new contest was so
short-lived. I was just getting used to the idea of competing alongside my teammates, who I got to know via our Skype adventures. Prior to the contest, I had only heard of Skype, had it installed on
my Mac, but had never used it. The MacGuild contest finally motivated me to fire it up and use it. As well, we had some extra time getting to know one another via Skype and iChat, as well as Skype chat,
because of some "technical difficulties" and shall we say "time management".

I truly enjoyed participating, and I thank Bill for putting it together, and for the prize which I look forward to learning and using.

Moe Bradley

Tremors was not your typical MacGuild contest; for one thing, it was conducted over a matter of weeks, not months (or even years). It did not require Herculean feats of web wizardry, or multiple sojourns into
uncharted Mac waters lasting into the wee hours of the morning! It did, however, require teamwork and cooperation among a group of individuals who were as interested in having a good time playing the game as they were in the prizes to be awarded.

My thanks goes to my teammates; their dedication to having fun and playing well is much appreciated.

And to Bill Catambay, how you come up with these challenges will probably remain a mystery to me. You are enormously imaginative and talented, and vastly underappreciated. I applaud you.

Matt Perl

Clearly Bill deserves a big "thanks" for the coordination of our brief contest. I was amazed by the complexity of the Macsurvivor contest when I started to learn about it. I can't imagine the amount of time that must have been put into it. And I enjoyed reading the comments by the contestants as to their experiences as well.

Thanks for the ongoing good work in the Mac-Guild.

Copyright © 2006, The Macintosh Guild