iofthetiger feedback

(in no particular order, and unformatted)

The text was well writen and informative, but I think making big blocks of text into graphics is a bad idea People often like to copy textual content from the web page. I liked the font of the sidebar links, but the small yellow on black font on subsequent pages was not very pleasing, the dark blue on black just doesn't work, and the mix of colors on the links page was bit horrid.
The group picture of the Tigers is my favorite of the two tribes, and I really enjoy the dancing tiger with the iPod. The rest of the graphics looked nice as well, except for the "lone" tiger logo on the main page. I like the tiger logo on the airplane, but the logo by itself seemed jagged and out of place.
A little more animation, or perhaps flash movies or sounds would have really snazzed up the site. The navigation on the web site was unique and very well done. Provided some good links, but there was inconsistency in the manner in which those links were presented.
Overall, I found the web site to have very good content in terms of the game, the tribe, and who the tribe members are.
The impact of this web site is very strong, and that is mainly due to the graphics on the home page. The dancing iPod tiger and the stranded group picture left a lasting impression that made me want to come back again to revisit.
Great work!

Tiny and low contrast text, especially on big monitors like mine. Red on black is particularly difficult to see. Links text is small but legible.
Graphics need more contrast except Moe and Hazel mug shots. Liked the banner.
Bad idea to make so much text into images. "Click to return" can do the wrong thing when you navigate from "About the Tigers"->Mug shot->return. Banner graphic frame is too small.
Nice content. Well organized. Easy to navigate.
Creative graphics
Some nice creative ideas. Could not read the text until I loaded images into Photoshop and increased contrast.

Main text was too small in Safari on my TiBook 1 Ghz and the text didn't respond to Safari's text re-sizing feature. Errors were mostly single word typographical errors.
Liked the themes and composition. Lost points for having Hazel so far into the background that she was almost unrecognizable. Liked the Tiger eye logo, and the iPod wearing animal in the home page banner.
Looked at a couple of the sources and saw primarily HTML
Basic information about each person and the overall contest was provided. A list of links without Versiontracker or Macupdate seemed incomplete to me.
I liked the overall theme, graphics, the large brush font on the main page links, and the homepage edited picture.
Very good effort overall. A nice clean look and feel. Nice graphics, theme, etc.

Hey! That isn't text --- it's a gif! Why? And the blue on black is tough on these old eyes on the About Castillo page. Same page: "cause[s] disturbance" in the first paragraph. Good description. Bio page: text fine if a tad bit small.
No Alt tags. I like the map on the home page though the accessibility suffers. Nice plane wreck. Stretch that picture to the right edge of the frame or space it over a bit. It would be nice to link to the next team member on the individual member pages. Logo decent. Tiger eye less so. I like the font.
On the About the Tigers individual pages Click to return could/should return you to the team page when that was the predecessor page (javascript). Or leave the link off and use the menu. No frames please (also accessibility-challenged.) Mailto e-mail addresses can be harvested by spammers (javascript again?)
A bit thin. Links adequate. A bit of a description is good. Pages need footer for composition and "housekeeping" (copyright, last update, contact webmaster, etc.) Link back from cafepress ( dead or incorrect. ContactTheTigers page is a good idea (just fix those "clear" e-mail addresses.)
Eh.... The home page had me anticipating more and the About the Tigers kept things going but after that....
Adequate effort but needs just a little more pizazz. Perhaps if everything were just a bit larger. Navigation needs some work: Click to return should be a bit more intuitive. I liked the home page best but the iSleOfCastillo description was very good.

Not much here, but what there is is pretty well written. No spelling or grammar problems. Unfortunately, most of the text is embedded in graphic elements, which I cannot make bigger for a little better readability on a big monitor.
I like the "Lost" type group picture. The banner graphic with Hobbes and the iofthetiger original graphic are well done. The overall look of the site is attractive
Style sheets and frames work well. No problems with navigation.
What is here is pretty good. The Tiger theme is of course very timely. Navigation via the left-hand frame is easy. Plenty of return links. Sufficient info on the tribe members, but not much description of the progress of the contest. Could use more content.
This site looks better than it ultimately is. Initial impression is good, but I don't care much for colored text on black, and not being able to resize it make the readability worse. Visual impact can't make up for lack of content, however.
Like the looks, but not very deep. Good premise and a promising start, but lack of content and some readability problems are difficult to overcome.

In judging, I used a Mac as well as PCs to judge the pages.
The text content/copy is simply written, understandable and not
overwhelming. On the "About Castillo" page, the yellow text on the
black background is somewhat hard to read - if your default text size is
set toward the smaller size. It was odd that in Safari, one could
adjust this text size after entering, but with IExplorer on a PC, the
text size could not be adjusted without backing out of the sub-page,
adjust up the text size setting, and re-enter the page afresh.
A great graphical theme follows through the sites, keeping a
consistent, welcome visual to the visitor. The banner header, the apple
within the tiger-striped eyeball as well as the tiger with the iPod all
provided a welcome comment to the visitor, at least visually describing
this team as unified, proud and capable.
Use of pop-up windows when leaving their site helped to
further define their site (such as the MacGuild link, Apple link or
their logo store site). Use of a common header and frames produced good
navigation through their sites. Hyperlinks to each of the members
pictures in the entry-page photo composite was a simple touch, but
really added to the overall impression that this group knew what they
were doing.
Not a whole lot was available as to what this group was about
- and as a result, not a whole lot of sub-pages are included. It really
leaves a visitor seeking more information with a feeling of wanting
more. Sometimes simple is better, but more information could have been
supplied - especially linked back to the MacGuild contest site via a
"need to know more?" type link.
The overall impression left a consistent, stable image in my
mind. Upon subsequent returns to this site, I was easily able to recall
what pages and links contained, and what to expect. The color theme and
layout was simple and effective. One time through I knew my way around,
and could remember easily at the next visit ("oh yeah, these were the
guys with the old bomber plane-wreck photo")
A few more links, and sub-pages touting their
accomplishments (or having success stolen, slightly missed, etc) would
have bolstered the depth of this site. Graphically together, if
somewhat simple the consistency throughout told the visitor you remained
within this web site -- it was obvious when one "linked" outside. It
seemed a viable, well-planned set of pages typical of most small-time
web pages on the net.

Well organized and clear. I was able to quickly scan and understand the concept of the game and backstory.
Fun image for the Eye (i) of the Tiger and addition of the Hobbes -- though I would have considered a more customized tiger -- personal preference.
Framed navigation worked well, I was able to get around without any dead ends.
If I left the site I knew visually by having the new page launch its own window. Pages loaded fast with no broken images.
Good flow, information is clear, presentation consistent. Fit into the Survivor
The overall the site loads completely without any content falling below the "fold", reduces scrolling when first seen. Branding reenforced by color and consistent styling of content. Navigation was clearly labeled and obvious when you jumped out of the site.
Strong B+! Good work and fun presentation.

Text too small in many places and cannot increase the font size. Most of the text is part of a graphic which means you can't resize the text. Thus, extra care should be used to make sure the text will be large enough and clear enough. On the "About Castillo" page, the blue and gold text on a black background is difficult to read. Found a few typos.
I found the ioftheTigers logo a bit creepy. I liked the Hobbes tiger with iPod in the banner. (But I am not sure if Bill Watterson would appreciate it. However, it is much better than Calvin peeing on a Ford logo!) Should work well over dial-up as the site is not too graphics intensive. The home page graphics are nicely done but I'd like to see the group picture a bit larger and fill the page more.
Seems to be mostly straight HTML. Fairly Plain Jane, not that there is anything wrong with that. Everything worked as expected.
Good job of showing who makes up the tribe and what the contest is about. I didn't like how the Store opens a new window.
Nothing extra added to grab my attention, missing a that's cool factor.
Nicely done but lacking in text clarity and lasting impact.

in general very good. a couple of minor grammar errors.
text is easily read if it can be seen. see comments below about type face, size, and reversing.
the use of colors on the link page helped, but more contrast could help -- reading all of that small text is difficult when reversed. and the text overall is too small -- am i getting old or what? don't make it my responsibility to increase the type size!
in addition, there is a switch to a serif face on the iSleOfCastillo page which looks really bad! also, spacing involving "the tigers" is inconsistent -- sometimes no space, sometimes regular space. art is too rough -- that eye! photos of the team are too dissimilar.
one of the links doesn't work. also, more should be done with the shopping section -- boring.
i like the way most of the team annotated the links to help the reader know which ones would be most useful. The link to the macintosh guild page is good. the email section is a nice addition.
although i liked most of the content, the dark graphics, that ugly eye and the tiny type turned me off. it has impact, but negative impact.
could look more professional.

Readable No apparent errors. I like the variety of fonts that are used. They grab my attention. Unfortunately, on the contest page thee is not enough contrast between the text and the background, which coupled with the font size made the page difficult to read.
Graphics made the web site more vibrant. They incorporated a sense of perspective on the home page
No animations
Detail on each tribe member's favorite links.
The use of graphics and color make the web site more vibrant

Good cohesive writing.

Oddly "Hazel's picks" in the links section <> are a slightly smaller font size.
Nothing splashy, but the graphics fit the intent of the site well. A nice clean look.
In the links section <>, the hyperlink <> found under "Scott's picks" is broken.

It would have been nice to have had Javascript popups on <> for each member, saying what role they had in the site's creation (as listed on <>). Or text on the page would have sufficed. Something to remind me.
The links section <> is incomplete. There are no links from Moe and fewer comments and shorter comments the further down the list I go.

Easy navigation and relevant and interesting content.
All in all, content seems a bit thin on the ground. There wasn't enough to keep me interested for more than a few minutes.
An original idea, unlike the maclion site, saves this one, although more content could be provided, like some fun or a game or something.

Technically there isn't any text, the entire site is graphics. The text in the graphics is fine, I enjoy the use of American Typewriter, although its use should be consistent throughout the site. The links page uses a sans serif font, which is slightly jarring.
The graphics are good, considering that there really isn't any regular text on the site, it serves both to supply content and style.
Competent, but nothing amazing. The store is a redirect instead of a frame, which emphasizes rather than hides the offsite location of the cafe. Also points off for using all images instead of text. As far as loading is concerned, text will always load faster than images.
Same content as the other site, but loses because of the lack of game.
The design is appealing and fun to look at.
A nice website for a couple minutes fun with the links, but nothing to keep me returning. Nonetheless, I enjoyed my brief visit. A nicely put together site, even if content was sparse.