MacSurvivor 2004

Posted: 8/16/04, 12:04 PM

This message introduces Clan MacLion, one of the two tribes who have
accepted the challenge on the Isle of Castillo in this year's Mac Guild
Survivor contest. Our name is chosen to honor the Scottish heritage of
our leader, Diane Love, and the next major release of OS X (10.5), code
named "Lion". And, after all, the Lion is the king of the Jungle and our
tribe will rule this challenge. The other members of the team are Jim
Melton, Judd Spitzer, Patty Maloney, Rick Davis, Lane Smith, and Jim

We thought you might be interested in some of the things planned for OS
X.5 Lion:

1. An end to Classic Support. There is no need to continue supporting
the antiquated OS 9 environment, and Lion will drop support for it

2. Minimum Hardware: Beginning with Lion, Apple will finally ship a two
button mouse on all future hardware systems. Lion will require a
two-button mouse, as contextual menus have been fully supported in OS X
(and even to some extent in OS 9). The whole "control-click" thing was a
hack that will be removed.

Also, only G5 or better machines will be supported (remember, that Lion
is two years out). While Apple recognizes that this will leave some
users unable to upgrade to this innovative operating system release, the
processing requirements are just too intensive to support older
hardware. Furthermore, Lion will require specific G5 capabilities for
several of its features. And after all, Apple is in business to sell
computers, not operating systems.

3. 3-D (virtual reality) display support: Extending the innovation of
the Quartz graphics engine, Lion will introduce the Onyx 3-D graphics
core. Targeted initially at CAD/CAM and graphics professionals (the 3D
graphics hardware is considered out of reach for today's consumer
market), Onyx will be the enabling technology for the next "killer app".
As hardware prices fall, 3D applications will become common place in the
consumer market. Game makers are already working to have 3D-enabled
games ready

4. Media Center: Building on the remarkable success of iLife, Lion will
include a Media Center that will integrate digital cable or satellite TV
with your Mac (specific hardware adapters required, depending on your
configuration). The Media Center will connect to an interface box via
fire-wire. You will be able to watch digital video (including Pay Per
View) directly on your Mac, as well as import short segments directly
into iMovie.

5. Voice over IP (VoIP): Recognizing that all Macs today have
superlative audio/visual capabilities, Lion will integrate VoIP
capabilities. Apple will include a POTS (plain old telephone system)
gateway as part of its .Mac service, allowing you to make calls
virtually anywhere in the world for free, using your computer and
internet connection. Note that .Mac is a premium service that carries a
separate subscription.

6. Vanilla (a new subject-oriented programming language for those that
haven't heard of it) will allow anyone with common sense to write their
own applications.

7. New interface: Building on the success of the brushed aluminum
interface, Lion will allow you to select an interface from the element
of your choice. Final details are not available, but one thought is to
provide a periodic table picker, much like the color picker, to allow
you to choose from Aluminum, Xenon, Gold, or any other element.

Diane J Love
Systems Engineering
Lockheed Martin TSS