maclion feedback

(in no particular order, and unformatted)

There were some spacing problems on the contest page, but overall the text flowed nicely.
Great home page graphics, and the dog dreaming of treasure was a really nice touch.
A little more animation, or perhaps flash movies or sounds would have really snazzed up the site. The tab navigation bar did not indicate which page I was on, which I found a little annoying. Imbedding the contest pages into your own site's frames resulted in an alarming change in color scheme. The popup member info slides were pretty good.
The main page added just the right teasers to keep your interested, and the content of the other pages provided very good information about the contest and the tribe. The Find Bill contest was a very creative and nice twist.
The imagery on the main page, and the Find Bill contest left a very good impression.
Great work!

Generally legible, except for the individual green screen pages, where the fixed point size was too small.
Clever team picture and attractive icons at the bottom of the home page.
Nice use of separate windows and links between them.
Site flows well and has appropriate content. Liked links to contest information.
Design was not original, but did well within that framework.
Liked the picture on the beach. Didn't like the green screens.

Text provided an overview of each team member and the contest in an easily seen (without glasses AND text responded to Safari re-sizing), and the text was written to be easily understood. However, I found quite a few spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors in the text. Text in the terminal mode was a bit small, but it also responded to cmd shift + for re-sizing. as well.
Loved the dog picture & treasure chest, team picture, etc. Nice ideas and composition.
A quick glance at the source convinced me that there is much under the hood.
Looks pretty well populated /w technology. Rollovers, graphic headline banners in the terminal-like user information display.
Absolutely loved the dog dreaming of a treasure chest effect.
In addition to the basic content of the site, I got a chuckle out of the extended PC replacement link, answer is 42 rollover, kicking butt.... rollover,Find Bill contest, etc.
Had Versiontracker as an information link. Don't believe that a link page is complete without Versiontracker or Macupdate listed. So this link page is judged as complete.

Products for infants was a unique addition to the product page.
Like the find Bill, The answer is 42, Kicking Butt....., Products for infants
Lots on innovation/attention getters. Liked the terminal mode team member display although the text was smaller an a bit harder to read. All of these "Easter Eggs" really helped make this page stand out and be remembered.
Very innovative and memorable. You can't go wrong with a lovable dog graphic.

civil[i]zation misspelled in Castillo link on the home page. No space after periods on the Contest page. Second paragraph: "and A tean and a B team". Third paragraph: "needfor". Last paragraph: the Maclions won these challenges "using the submenu." Tribe page: second paragraph under Mark --- "smooth [as] the back". Same page: Judd first paragraph --- "musicplaying". Mac Guild page: title --- "Our Might[y] Guild". Same page: third paragraph --- "as well [as] t-shirts". Same page and paragraph: "give-a-ways" needs no hyphens.
Slow to load on first load. Nice logo (and psd.) No Alt tags. Nice Contest page animation.
No frames please (also accessibility-challenged.) Just Say No to Pop-ups.
Lots of content. Good tie-in to contest. Hey! A contest inside a contest. Tribal Links header off center. Great links.
I like the Apple parody. Looks like a good bit of work here. And invitingly explorable.
Nice effort. I really liked the home page's busyness and use of color. I didn't like the pop-ups.

Well written, fairly witty, good spelling and grammar.
Graphics are minimal, which given the "Apple-like" design of the site was appropriate. Nothing too earth-shattering, though.
Appropriate application of CSS, frames, and pop-ups. No unexpected behavior was encountered. One expired domain in links.
Clean, concise site. Navigation was not difficult or obtrusive. Good content as far as contest information. However, the grade suffers because of taking "Apple-like" theme limits creativity. Personal pet-peeve: I hate color-on-black (green in this case) text. I find it hard to read. Pop-up for user biographies used this format. Liked the head-shot user selection fields and creative "store from a computer's point-of-view" text.
As stated above, the site is derivative of Apple's home page. This makes for a familiar feel, but did not allow a lot of creativity. Contest info pop-ups (from Mac Guild) did not follow a consistent format, however, and I found that distracting. Stick to a theme, guys.
Clever text and approach wins out over derivative design.

In judging, I used a Mac as well as PCs to judge the pages.
For the most part, the Mac produced better legibility in text. On the
PC side (IExplorer) the "mane" page utilizes a greenish/grey background
with grey letters for the "fine print" making it difficult to read.
Under the contests sub-page, the "Awards" tab uses an obnoxious purple
background with black text, which results in hard to read pages for both
Mac and PC viewing - especially if one is going to read the entire
details of the award challenge and results on these pages. I would have
expected this tribe to boldface & banner headline their winnings (as a
Considering the "part-time" nature of the contestants, it
could be deemed acceptable. Missing from the overall presentation are
the few "extras" which are common in even some of the simplest web
sites. An overall color theme would have helped in a consistency (I am
still in the same web site) as well as background patterns, bullets,
side bars, etc. The header tabs spoke to the Mac user as "hey, this is
a Mac-based site" because of their familiar look with Apple's home page.
The site seemed too focused on simplicity, however -- at the cost of a
more appealing look and overall graphical flow. It appears patched
together by multiple authors and artisans. Given the many "canned"
web-site templates available with many of these consistent, eye-catching
layouts this team just strikes an average score.
As stated under the "Graphics" scoring, templates with
frames, tables, headers, etc are easily available, yet seems to have
been neglected in developing the technology aspect of this site. Some
minimal uses of these items appear (inconsistently), but seem out of
place or are utilized in a sporadic manner as to get lost and become
unnoticed. Most eBay item pages would have more technology demonstrated
than this site displayed.
Plenty of information appears on the members, what thecontest is about, how the awards, challenges and results stack-up, aswell as several items for purchase in support of MacLion. Even so, oncethrough the site, there was very little to draw me back to visit again(other than this review).
Haphazard color themes, changing fonts, little use of
technological "whistles-and-bells" left little desire to return to the
site, much less leaving an impression for future reference.
Too many times within the various pages of this site,
the visitor was left yearning for improved graphics, better
layout/navigation, bland presentation or a missing "hook" to cause one
to check back in the future. Blase effort results in a "decent" grade.

Engaging text, easy to read.
Overall, nice and clean presentation. Liked the MacLion Logo.
I would rework the logo on the splash to make the name stand out more and remove the filled in white on the 'a' and 'o'.

The collage is well done, especially with the sand castles.

There was a noticeable delay in the loading of the MacLion splash image. I think it could be optimized more.
The Find Bill contest was a clever way to engage a person to go through the site.

Consistent navigation and application of css throughout.
This appears to be an outside page so I think there is room for interpretation.

There appears to be a typo:

Details -
The tribe with the most votes win immunity, and the losing tribe will meet me at tribal council to vote a member of their tribe.

I think of should be off.

Consistent use of type style and color, until the Tribe MacLion biographies, the title typeface could have be integrated into the front page or the sans serif used on the front used for all titles throughout. The tribe names are fine to add a more personal element to the bio page.

I found a jarring disconnect when I clicked on a select button and go the green on black copy - it detracted from the light feeling of the overall site. More appropriate for a first person shooter. ; )
Light, fun, I thought it was a little too close to the basic Apple corporate website. I read down below on the homepage that the style was from Rapidweaver 'Aqua' Theme, so my suspicions were confirmed. Nothing wrong with that, just what works well gets exposed too much. ; )
My first impression was that the site was a little to close to the basic Apple Corporate design. I think that it works on its own, but confused me a for a second for its similarity to Apple's homepage. Clarified by the statement at the bottom of the page siting Rapidweaver.

Lots of little syntax or grammar errors. Text was easy to read and could be resized if you wanted to.
I really like the MacLion logo, clever use of G4 iMac as part of the logo.
More complex than the ioftheTiger site. Nice use of what seems to be more advanced technology. Everything worked as expected.
A good job of introducing the tribe and describing the contest. Goes the extra mile with the links to the MacSurvivor pages. I like their store since it comes up in the current window and has a wider selection of stuff. The Links page was the weakest link (pun intended) of their website. It seemed out of place compared to the other elements of the site. Too simple and unorganized. At least put the links in alphabetical order. The site flowed well with good content in most areas.
While based on the Apple website and thus not unique in design, I really liked it as the parody was creative and well executed. "Find Bill" was clever and I found Bill! I liked the "Extended PC Replacement Program" link, also clever.
From my initial impression, I liked this site the best. Very well done and with a little work, it would get an A. Score an OutMac for the MacLion Tribe.

a few grammatical, spelling and spacing errors.
Opening page is very nice -- the use of white space and ad-like boxes works well. typography is quite good. i like the overall design, but the tribe bios page was clearly designed by 2 people, and the elegant top part doesn't go well with the bottom. on the same page, the photos should be cropped so that the head sizes are similar. the tab system is also nice, but the art on the first tab is unclear.
the additional information about the team members is good, but illegible -- green reversed out of black!? there must be something more that could be done with the shopping section -- boring.
i would have liked to see annotations for the links. i was not familiar with many of them, and had i not been testing them, i could have decided which to follow. was the "find bill" bit real?
i never did find bill the cat and that was frustrating. the link to the game rules was good, but the guild link could have been to a better page.
the nice typography and artwork give this site good impact. it is comfortable and familiar, but not boring. nice job.
creative and good looking.

Spacing problems between sentences on the home page. Text was readable, but did not grab my attention. I am not certain what they intended by the use of the phrase "From Techno-Geeks to Techno-Geeks". This implies a range where here is none.
Opening page is very nice -- the use of white space and ad-like boxes works well. typography is quite good. i like the overall design, but the tribe bios page was clearly designed by 2 people, and the elegant top part doesn't go well with the bottom. on the same page, the photos should be cropped so that the head sizes are similar. the tab system is also nice, but the art on the first tab is unclear.
Included one animated item.
I like the contests and the humor like the Extended PC Replacement Program. The "Find Bill" contest added to the fun. Well organized information on the MacSurvivor contest.
The content and clever organization make up for the lack of vibrancy.
creative and good looking.

Fairly well written text, but nothing outstanding or particularly inventive or amusing. Funniest line was the "Extended PC Replacement Program- 1/7/05" on the home page. But that was all.
A clean, modern Apple style of graphics reminded me of the flat screen iMacs. All in all - a pleasing and clean, uncluttered design.
Some Javascript popups for the links <> containing descriptions of the site linked to or comments on why they like the linked site would have been nice. Or maybe a little flash with popup descriptions. Or something instead of a bare bones list. Very early nineties style where every second web page was another boring list of personal links with little added info.
The tribe page <> with it's tribe member's info and nicely designed popups with more info was a highlight of the site for me.

The integration of the store <> in a frame within the maclion's site and variety of merchandise for sale was great.

There was an overreliance on pre-existing Mac Guild Survivor content to explain the MacSuvivor concept.
"Find Bill" <> was amusing for about 30 seconds - as long as it took me to read the funny text and wave my mouse pointer over the page a couple times in a futile and boring attempt to find a tiny pixel hotspot.
Once again - a couple minutes mildly interesting reading, but nothing to ever make me want to return. Totally unremarkable, though pleasant design.

Aside from a few typos here and there, the text is good.
Nicely done. Looks just like the Apple site.
Nothing too fancy, and works quite well. Framing the store to make it part of the site is especially good.
Bios were entertaining, and the game is fun. I still haven't solved it.
The impact is good because it looks just like the Apple site, and works the same way, too.
I had fun with this site. I like how the store is kept in a frame so it looks like part of the overall site instead of being a redirect.