MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo
Immunity Challenge #7

"The Gate"

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"The Gate" is the very last Castillo challenge! With only three castaways left, this challenge promises to test the endurance of each of the players. First the players must find their way to The Caves, and using a special tool, establish a path to The Gate, the entrance to the hidden town of Mystic City. Once in the city, the players must continue to explore to find a way to return to Tribal Council. The first one back to Tribal Council wins immunity, and gets to choose which of the other two players will go with them to the "Final Two".


Each castaway started with a different tool:

Using a
web blog, the players perform actions to explore the area. Once they discover the cave labyrinth, they must map their way through until they can find an exit. There are three exits, and each exit requires one of the tools that the castaways are holding.

Bandits also roam the area threatening to rob any castaway that stands idle for too long. Each castaway starts with a purse of 100,000 zapatti, a loan from their possible Castillo winnings (since each of the top 3 are guaranteed at least that much as a prize).

Once the players find the exit from the caves, they will happen upon a hidden town called "
Mystic City". Within the city, they will discover what the past castaways have been up to. Judd has become the mayor of Mystic City, Jim now runs the Mystic City Apple Store, Moe runs the local tavern, and Scott is the town's locksmith. The full cast of Mystic City "citizens" includes:

Wheeling and dealing in town, the players will talk with the citizens, make deals, explore, and even play cards, all with the goal of finding their way back to tribal council. Their tasks will include finding three magical Mystic cards, fixing the lighthouse, and earning a boat ticket. They will be working off of clues, their 100,000 zapatti allowance, and will be asked to write a book review as well as submit questions for a Mac Guild survey. The first player to get on the boat back to tribal council wins immunity.

All castaways must make it to Tribal Council to qualify for the treasure selection (whether 1st, 2nd or 3rd). Making it to Tribal Council earns 2000 zapatti, and each City Council point earns you an additional 2000z.


At the close of the contest, the entire contest blog will be opened to all Mac Guild members, and will let you view the private questions in addition to the public ones.
Click here for The Gate blog. The game started on 1/27/06, and ran through 2/18/06.


Mystic City - Council Points
  John Diane Mark
Mystic Cards 3 3 3
Lighthouse Key 2 2 2
First Book Review 1 0 0
Survey Questions 1 1 1
Fixed Lighthouse 2 0 0
Best of Show Questions 1 1 1/2 1/2
Total Points 10 7 1/2 6 1/2
Zapatti Bonus 20,000 15,000 13,000
Return Bonus 2,000 2,000 2,000

"The Gate" - Zapatti Profits
  Loan Balance Gate Profit
John 100K 116K 16K
Diane 100K 89K <11K>
Mark 100K 99K <1K>
Jim 0 20K 20K
Scott 0 14K 14K
Judd 0 15K 15K
Moe 0 1K 1K

John won immunity, and selected Diane to join him in the Final Two.