MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Immunity Challenge #6
"Banner Year"

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ADS Technologies is a world leader in Universal Serial Bus and IEEE-1394/FireWire solutions for the personal computer.

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MacPlay publishes high-caliber games for the Macintosh, and with its team of industry veterans, and its partnerships with leading content providers, assures a steady stream of critically acclaimed game titles.


The final four to be broken into two teams to challenge each other in a "Banner Year" web site for the Cybernauts tribe. The winning team will go head-to-head in a second challenge to determine who walks away with immunity.


The winner of the Elite Minds challenge was John, so he got to choose his teammate. He selected Diane.

The teams are John and Diane versus Jim and Mark. Each team will design a Cybernauts web site that focuses on reflecting over the contest. The only requirements are:

1. Must carry the
Cybernauts banner.

2. Must demonstrate a reflective tone over the trials and tribulations on Castillo Island.

3. Must be completed by 1/12/05, midnight Pacific time.

The web sites are to be judged based upon visual appeal, navigation, content, and overall effect of portraying a retrospective feeling on the game. The judges will be made up of the host, one ex-maclion, one ex-iofthetiger, and two non-affiliated Mac users.


Both web site submissions fulfilled the requirements of the challenge.
John/Diane submitted
Judges Comments: Well laid out web site, easy navigation, excellent graphics and music to strike the mood of Castillo Island. Nice special effects on viewing fallen castaways. The content was excellent. Wonderful retrospect. On many pages, paragraphs should have been separated by a blank line, and headings should have stood out (make them bold and/or larger font). While the music added a lot, some judges were concerned with not having control over the music, and one with a slower connection experienced lag in load time.

Jim/Mark submitted
Judges Comments: The web site had very good content, a nice walk down the hallway of fallen castaways. It was simple with fast loading, but did not have a lot of style, nor did it contain a lot of mood striking effects.

All 5 judges chose the web site submitted by the team of Diane and John as their favorite in all categories, a unanimous vote. Kudos to both teams for good reflective content.

The team of Diane and John won immunity, but only one of them could walk away wearing the necklace. The Donald flew in, and there was a private board room meeting with Diane, John and the Jury. The Donald put an offer on the table. If Diane and John were to agree on who gets the necklace, the other person would receive a prize, and there would be no further competition in this challenge.

The deal was made. John and Diane agreed to give John the immunity necklace. Diane received MacSoft Age of Mythology, an Apple mouse pad and Apple pad of paper.

John wins immunity!