MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Immunity Challenge #3
"Island Rush"

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Both tribes will receive boats to travel to nearby islands. A map of the islands will be forthcoming, but in preparation for the trip, the tribes need to gather some resources.

As you visit each island, you will barter resources for fuel, food and water, and any other resources the island has that may be of interest to you. This means that you need to know what resources you are starting off with. Your initial resources must be discovered by exploring the island of Castillo. Exploring the island of Castillo is a multi-player game sent to each member of each tribe. Each tribe requires a minimum of 3 members to complete the exploration and discover their resources.

Additionally, each team needs to select a
boat type, and a captain (first mate and quartermaster are not required, but strongly recommended).

Once resources are established, the race begins. From island to island, each vessel is in a race to reach the secret province of Baggara. The teams need to barter at each island as well as gather information that helps them achieve their goals. Fuel, food and water is automatically consumed during each game day that a vessel is sailing. When a vessel is docked at an island, no resources are consumed.

The Captain will provide a direction, and if an island is in sight, the targeted island. Based upon your decision, resource consumption is reported, as well as any resources available on the island you visit that can be bartered for. Your goal is to be the first boat to reach the secret province of Bagara, home of an ancient Japanese society.

This challenge contains three tasks:
1. Choose a gatherer and schedule a Castillo adventure.
2. Determine your initial resources (and gather bonus resources as they become available).
3. Be the first tribe to reach Bagara to win immunity.


The iofthetiger tribe has chosen a Viking ship for their vessel, symbol of the "Eye", and named it
Venator de Leo (translation, Lion Hunter). With 4 passengers, their initial resources were:

The maclion tribe has chosen a Corvette pirate ship for their vessel, symbol of "Lightning", and named it
Pride of the MacLions (POM). With 5 passengers, their initial resources were:

Contest Alert: On 9/16/05, the two vessels landed on Pinot at the same time, thereby kicking off a battle of vessels called the "Disk Drive Contest". This battle took place in an interactive iChat session on 9/25/05. Two members of the POM challenged two members of the Venator in a "quick draw" trivia contest. The captains of both ships chose Ambassadors who represented the crews. For the Venator, it was Scott Bender (the Venator's first mate), and for the POM, it was Mark Pickett (the POM's captain). Also taking place in the quiz challenge were Hazel of the Venator and Judd of the POM. The challenge included four categories of trivia: Mac Guild reviews, MacSurvivor contestants, Mac software trivia, and Mac hardware trivia. The contest was neck-and-neck through the whole challenge, with the Venator sprinting to the finish line at the end.

Category Venator score POM score
Mac Guild reviews 8 6
MacSurvivor contestants 13 14
Mac software trivia 20 19
Mac hardware trivia 24 25
Final hardware bonus 28 25

Click here for a transcript of the challenge questions and answers.

Prizes awarded:

This challenge concluded on 10/11/05. Check out the final course mapping (click on map for enlarged view):

Click here for a transcript of all the actions that took place during this challenge.


On 10/11/05, the crew of the Venator made their way to the gateway of Bagara on Sabbia Island. To win the contest, they had to bring an iMac to the Prince, which they had already purchased from the island of Archie. However, before the Gatekeeper would let them see the Prince, the crew had to complete a task which involved slaying a number of ghouls that were coming down from the surrounding hills and attacking the Bagara villages. A special 1st person customized game was created for the island of Bagara, and it not only supported network play, but it required at least two crew members to be playing in order to complete the game. The crew of the POM had already completed the game days before, but their ship was still two islands away. As the POM approached Sabbia, the crew of the Venator completed the game, gained passage to the Prince, and granted him his wish of a new iMac (they even threw in an extra memory module). The Venator wins the "Island Rush" immunity challenge!

The POM, although a hard fought battle, must now attend their tribe's first Tribal Council, at which time a member of their tribe will be voted off the island.