MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Immunity Challenge #2
"Tribal Web"

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Utilizing the material from the Identity Challenge, as well as creativity from your tribe, each tribe is to create a tribal web page. The tribe that is voted to have the best web site by a panel of impartial judges wins immunity.

The tribe leaders will designate a project lead for this task, and then the project lead will delegate a specific title to each tribe member. Available positions are:
  1. Web designer - establish layout of web site; what graphics to use and where; what text to use and where; how should the site navigate; create the actual web page
  2. Graphics editor - create the essential graphics for the web site; use tools to ensure they are smallest size for fast loading without sacrificing quality.
  3. Text editor - come up with the text for the web page; consider the text the "power" of the site in terms of providing information; have the text flow and syntactically correct.
  4. Special effects - someone to snaz up the web page with low bandwidth sounds, music and/or flash movies, as well as javascript or CGI interfaces.
  5. Quality engineer - provide ideas on the overall appearance of the web site; stay on top of the progress; provide feedback on what works and doesn't work; someone who understand the public and user perception; ensure that the web site works.

The challenge is to create web site that best portrays your tribe. It can be a single page, or multiple pages. The main page must provide a representation of your tribe, and it must include each of the following:

Futher information is required, either on the main page or subsequent pages, as follows:

The web site will be judged on the following criteria:

Options that are allowed (but not mandatory):

There will be 3 submissions of the web site:

In addition to the submissions, there will be individual tasks handed out to each member. Failing to complete these tasks by a proposed deadline will result in a meeting at the "Clay Hut" board room on the island with none-other than Donald Trump where they run the risk of getting "fired".

Feedback will be provided on the rough draft. Final submissions will not be approved for voting until all requirements are met. Once approved, the site will be placed up for vote by a panel of non-tribal Mac Guild members. The judges will vote based upon the criteria given above. The tribe with the most votes wins immunity, and the losing tribe will meet at tribal council to vote a member of their tribe. Members that were "fired" during challenge will be forced to cast a vote against themselves at tribal council.



3/11/05 - Scott Bender is the project lead for the iofthetiger tribe, and Lane Smith is the project lead for the maclion tribe.

3/14/05 - The following task assignments have been submitted for this challenge:
Positions iofthetiger maclion
Web Designer/Project Lead Scott Lane
Graphics Editor Moe Diane
Text Editor John Judd
Special Effects Tomas Jim
Quality Engineer Hazel Mark

3/27/05 - Outline approved for maclion web site (Lane)

3/28/05 - Outline approved for iofthetiger web site (Scott)

4/7/05 - Text approved for iofthetiger web site (John) and maclion web site (Judd)

4/8/05 - Graphics approved for maclion web site (Diane)

4/15/05 - Technology approved for maclion web site (Jim)

4/19/05 - Technology approved for iofthetiger web site (Tomas)

5/3/05 - Web site submitted (Lane)

5/6/05 - Web site submitted (Scott)

5/9/05 - QA Feedback (Hazel, Mark)

5/23/05 - Web site revisions (Scott, Lane)

5/26/05 - QA "Green Light" (Hazel, Mark)

5/27/05 - Web sites released to the judges (Host)

6/4/05 - Results tallied (Host) -
Click here for judges' critique

The MacLion Tribe wins immunity!
Category iofthetiger maclion
Text 2.88 2.96
Graphics 3.29 3.58
Technology 2.50 3.13
Content 3.04 3.46
Impact 3.21 3.08
Overall 3.08 3.17
Final Score 3.00 3.23