MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Immunity Challenge #1

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Trail of Points

The first immunity challenges involves establish strong Mac Guild membership of all the castaways. The theme of this round is to establish a sense of membership spirit and to test the endurance and will of the contestants.

The qualifying phase of this round was to ensure that all members have filled out Mac Guild polls, and that gift points were allocated to elevate all members to a minimum of the Silver level.

Once membership was enhanced, the castaways were tasked to write freeware reviews to earn immunity points for their team.

Each team starts off with the gift point surplus of the team with the most gift points (this is the balance of total gift points left after allocating to members in need). This turned out to be 98 points.

Because the MacLions won the last award challenge, they also have a reserve of 10 bonus points that will be added to their score at the end of the round.

Each review that is published earns the reviewer's tribe an additional 10 points (11 points for some titles). Each castaway may only have one review title in progress at a time. Bonus points are made available during the course of the round. The team with the most points at the end of the review wins immunity.

Additionally, each castaway that turns in at least one review earns a prize from the treasure chest, and two votes at tribal council (if they are on the losing team). Likewise, the member who earns the most points for their tribe also earns the Immunity Crown (which can be kept or given to another tribe member).


Both teams took all Mac Guild polls and attributed gifts points to elevate all members to Silver within the first week. The first review request was submitted on 8/29 by the iOftheTiger tribe.

As this round progressed, a few members determined that they did not have the stamina for the contest, and so an exit was provided for these members, along with recruitment of contestant replacements. This is only going to be allowed in during this round. In the future, if contestants opt out, replacements will not be provided. The
contest chronicles provide the details of the replacement activities. Note that replacement members are immune from being voted off during this round.

The maclion tribe took an early lead, but the iofthetiger tribe closed the gap towards the end of the 3 month challenge. However, it wasn't enough, as the maclion's outscored the iofthetiger's by 205 to 184. The iofthetigers will be headed to tribal council to vote off the first castaway from the Isle of Castillo.

Highs & Lows: Leading point earners are Diane Love (lions, 31 pts), Scott Bender (tigers, 21 pts), Jim Melton (lions, 21 pts), Hazel Valera (tigers, 21 pts), and John Gebhardt (tigers, 20 pts). The biggest non-contributors are Scott Travis (tigers, 0 pts), Jim Haney (lions, 0 pts), and Tomas Lovato (tigers, 1 pt).

Challenge Score Keeping
Member Action Posted Points Tribe maclion iofthetiger
ALL Challenge Begins 8/25/04     98 98
Diane Love Review of The Blob 1.0 9/7/04 10 maclion 108 98
Jim Melton Review of MailPriority 1.4.1 9/10/04 10 maclion 118 98
Lane Smith Hotline Reply 10/18/04 1 maclion 119 98
Diane Love Hotline Reply 10/18/04 1 maclion 120 98
Diane Love Review of Amazing Slowdowner 10/19/04 10 maclion 130 98
Moe Bradley Hotline Reply 10/19/04 1 iofthetiger 130 99
Scott Bender Hotline Reply 10/19/04 1 iofthetiger 130 100
Jim Melton Hotline Reply 10/20/04 1 maclion 131 100
James Satterfield Hotline Reply 10/23/04 1 iofthetiger 131 101
Judd Spitzer Hotline Reply 10/24/04 1 maclion 132 101
Tomas Lovato Hotline Reply 10/25/04 1 iofthetiger 132 102
Mark Hotline Reply 10/25/04 1 maclion 133 102
Scott Bender Review of Celestia 1.3.2 10/29/04 10 iofthetiger 133 112
Lane Smith Review of You Control 11/1/04 11 maclion 144 112
John Gebhardt Review of MacJanitor 1.2.1 11/4/04 10 iofthetiger 144 122
Judd Spitzer Review of Cyberduck 2.3.3 11/4/04 10 maclion 154 122
Diane Love Review of Moondock 1.2.3 11/8/04 10 maclion 164 122
Hazel Valera Hotline Reply 11/16/04 1 iofthetiger 164 123
Hazel Valera Review of iRooster 2.0.3 11/21/04 10 iofthetiger 164 133
Rick Davis Review of VueScan 8.1.9 11/28/04 11 maclion 175 133
Mark Pickett Review of SnapNDrag 1.5 11/30/04 10 maclion 185 133
John Gebhardt Review of MenuMeters 1.1.1 12/1/04 10 iofthetiger 185 143
Moe Bradley Review of Squabble 1.0.2 12/2/04 11 iofthetiger 185 154
Scott Bender Review of MemoryStick 1.3.4 12/2/04 10 iofthetiger 185 164
James Satterfield Review of Cabrio 1.1 12/5/04 10 iofthetiger 185 174
Hazel Valera Review of Stickies 4.2 12/6/04 10 iofthetiger 185 184
Jim Melton Review of APOD Grabber 1.1 12/6/04 10 maclion 195 184
Diane Love Bonus Points for winning first Award Challenge 12/7/04 10 maclion 205 184
ALL Challenge Ends - Winner announced 12/7/04   maclion 205 184