Disk Drive Contest - iChat Log

The Disk Drive contest took place on 9/25/05. There were three crew members of the POM and two crew members of the Venator available when the contest began, so the POM had to sit one member out (Diane). The following members took place in the challenge:

NOTE: Unfortunately, just copying and pasting text from the iChat log loses the "name" attributed to each text message, but you can at least follow the questions, and see the crew that got the answer correct.

6:45 PM
i'm going to ask a series of questions
first team with the correct answer will earn a point
if an answer is wrong, no response will be given
if an answer is close, but not specific enough, i'll say be more specific

6:50 PM
bonus questions (announced beforehand) will be worth 2 points
there will be a number of categories

the first category is Mac Guild reviews

ambassodors, are you ready?

who reviewed Reunion 7 and MacJournal?
Venator's score a point!

who reviewed photoshop CS and burning monkey solitaire?
POM scores!

who reviewed Griffin iTalk and iClock for OS X?
venator scores

who reviewed Zork and School Zone Math?
POM scores!

who reviewed Delicious Library and eZediaMotion?
venator scores!

who reviewed Majesty and Xounds?
POM scores

who reviewed After Effects and Toast Titanium?
Venator scores!

Who reviewed Neverwinter Nights?
pom scores!

Who reviewed Amadeus II and Word 2004?
venator scores

Who reviewed Cabrio 1.1?
venator scores!

bonus question worth 2 points
are you ready?
Name 3 pro's of Diane's Pages 1.0 review
Multiple page styles per document
Apple-designed templates
Powerful but simple style features
pom scores

here comes another bonus question worth 2 points
What is the name of the dog featured in the iClock review?
venator scores

Venator 8, POM 6

next category
MacSurvivor 2004 contestants

Who is from Virginia?
POM scores

Who is a big fan of Real Deal Casino?
pom scores

Who is a real estate trainer?
venator scores

Who is from Colorado?
pom scores

Who keeps a PowerMac 8500 around for parts?
pom scores

who uses Klipsch 2.1 ProMedia speakers?
pom scores

whose spouse is a dance instructor?
venator scores

note: each individual is only allowed two answers
this rule is to prevent you all from running through the list of names blindly

who is a big user of Apple Logic Pro?
pom scores

Who likes Real Basic as their favorite software?
venator scores

bonus questions worth 2 points

Name 3 tigers that are no longer on the island?
scott james and tomas
pom scores

Name 3 lions that are no longer on the island
patty, jim and rick
venator scores

POM 14, Venator 13

these questions are based upon Mac OS X Panther
they *may* apply to other versions of the OS

What is the default keyboard shortcut to switch applications?
Command Tab
pom scores

What Apple OS X utility is designed to give you access to the UNIX underpinnings?
venator scores

note: when we are not referring to proper names, spelling errors will be accepted

What Apple OS X utility is designed to access OS X log files?
venator scores

Which of the following are not included in iLife?
Garageband, iTunes, iDVD, Mail, iMovie
pom scores

What feature of which Apple preference panel gives you access to the Enable Fast User Switching option?
it is under Login Options under Accounts
pom scores

what's the easiest way to combine two iTunes playlists into one?
drag one playlist into another playlist
venator scores... it is easier to drag the playlist name, then to select all songs

Bonus questions worth 2 points

When connecting to a network, the Network preferences allows you to designate the order of connections types that it should try when connecting. What is the name of the option that lets you re-order these connection types?
network port configurations
venator scores

note: if an answer is followed by "be more specific", it negates the two-answer rule

bonus question

What are the different RAID types made easy by OS X?
Disk Striping and Disk Mirroring
pom got it right, only mirroring and striping is on Panther
concatenated disk set is tiger

bonus questoin

Which print dialog menu option lets you choose odd/even pages, or reverse printing?
paper handling
venator scores

POM 19, Venator 20

last category

What iPod mechanism is good to use to prevent accidental batter drain?
lock ipod with hold switch
venator scores

what iPod "feature" should you turn off to save battery power?
venator scores

provide a nickname of a G4 Tower
pom scored

what's the difference between the two models of eMacs? (name two differences)
combo/superdrive...512/256 megs
venator scores

what is the name of the 20GB black iPod?
U2 iPod

how many standard models of the Powerbook are there?
pom scores

how many standard models of the iBook are there?
pom scores

What Miglia devices lets you watch and record TV on your OS X Mac?
(name one)
POM scores

who made an Apple-style 2-button mouse before Apple finally came out with one?
pom scores
MacMice would have also been accepted

who makes the Bluetooth BT500 mouse?
Rad Tech!
venator scores

okay, we are down to the last two questions

8:15 PM

Venator=24, POM=25

What vendor makes a keyboard that is built from the same premium keyswitch technology that Apple used in its original Apple Extended keyboard?
venator scores

venator=26, POM=25

last question, for 2 points

Mac System: G5, Dual 2.7Ghz, 1GB RAM, 400 GB hard drive
within $30, how much can a Mac Guild member save on this configuration using the EPP store?
venator scores

Venator wins!