Tribal Web Challenge Critique

There were a panel of 12 judges for the Tribal Web challenge. These judges come from a variety of different locations and occupations. We have judges from California, Colorado, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, and even a judge from New Zealand.
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Each judge was asked to critique the web sites in the following categories:

Is the text on the pages clear and informative? Are there spelling problems, syntax problems, or any other issues with the text? Is the text easy to read?
Do the graphics add to the appeal to the web site? How fast do the various pages on the site load? Would dial-up users avoid this site?
Is there a decent amount of technology incorporated into the site, such as Javascript, HTML styles, CSS styles, frames, etc.? How effective is the technology used? Does everything work as expected? Are there any broken links, or unexpected behaviors?
Does the web site provide a good sense of who the tribe is? Is it the right mix of pictures and text to convey the full picture? Is the content clean? Does it tie in well with the MacSurvivor contest? Does it tie in well with the Mac Guild and Macs in general? How well does the web site flow? Is it easy to navigate the site?
How unique is the design of the web site? How much creativity appears to be incorporated into the site? How well does the web site hold your interest? Does it grab your attention? How well does the visual of the web site stay with you after you've left the site?
Did you enjoy the web site? How much? What did you like best about it? What did you like least about it?

Each judge provided a letter grade to each category.

The grades were converted to points according to the scale on the right.

The scores were then averaged over all responses.

Each tribe's average 6 category scores were than average into one single final score, and the tribe with the highest final score wins the challenge.

A+ = 4.5
A = 4
B+ = 3.5
B = 3
C+ = 2.5
C = 2
D = 1

The final results are as follows:

The MacLion Tribe wins immunity!
Category iofthetiger maclion
Text 2.88 2.96
Graphics 3.29 3.58
Technology 2.50 3.13
Content 3.04 3.46
Impact 3.21 3.08
Overall 3.08 3.17
Final Score 3.00 3.23

The judges also provided feedback for both tribes. This feedback has been compiled and merged so that the judges' names are no longer associated. The feedback is available on separate web pages.

Click here for the iofthetiger web site feedback.

Click here for the maclion web site feedback.