MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - The Chronicles

Contents in Reverse Chronological Order

1/17/06 - Banner Year and Board Room Cheer

The final four broke into two teams, John and Diane versus Jim and Mark. In the Banner Year challenge, the web site that John and Diane labored on took a landslide victory against Jim and Mark's creation. The Donald flew into the island to congratulate the victors, and offered them a board room deal. Instead of pitting the two against one another in a challenge, if they agreed on which one of them would take the immunity, the other would receive a gift. John walked away with immunity, and Diane walked away with MacSoft's Age of Mythology, an Apple mouse pad, and an Apple pad of paper. Tribal council proved brutal, as the three remaining ex-Maclions had to vote off one of their own. In the final tally, it was Jim who was voted off, leaving the final three of John, Diane and Mark.

12/08/05 - Back to Back Tribal Councils!

Another MacSurvivor first! After this latest immunity challenge, due to one of the teams not making any submission at all, there were two tribal councils held, one after the other. Moe and Jim made up the team that did not submit a map for the challenge, causing the double-council. Moe was voted off during the first tribal council, only because she cast her vote late. Had her vote been submitted on time, it would have been Jim who got voted off, giving the old iofthetiger tribe the stronger alliance. With Moe gone, however, that gave the old maclion tribe the edge, and given that old tribal alliances have stayed strong, Scott became the 2nd victim, and 6th castaway voted off the island. Voter apathy, or conspiracy? Could Moe and Jim have an old alliance from past contests? We may never know. One thing is for certain, and that's the final four: John, Jim, Diane and Mark.

11/6/05 - Dawn of a new tribe

The two tribes merged on 10/15/05 into a single tribe, taking up residence in the old MacLion camp. During the merge process, Helicopter Bob flew in, and castaways were offered a ticket off the island. Hazel requested a ticket off the island. On 10/24, the first single tribe award challenge concluded, providing the tribe the new name of Cybernauts. The first Cybernauts immunity challenge pit each of the castaways against one another in a battle royale in the Tribal Council Arena. The final battle took place on 11/6, and Jim walked away the champion. With the old iofthetiger tribe voting together, Judd became the 5th tribal council victim, and the first member of the Jury.

10/12/05 - Tigers fight off the Ghouls; Lions' First Tribal

It was a dark and stormy evening when the crew of the Venator approached the caves near the Bay of Skulls. For months, unearthly skeleton ghouls had been coming down from the hills and attacking the villages of Bagara. The iofthetiger tribe was now taking the battle to the ghouls. Equipped with a limited number of weapons and ammo, the Captain of the Venator and its First Mate, John and Scott, set forth to take on the ghouls, while the other crew members, Moe and Hazel, stood by as backup. From the Bay of Skulls, through the dark forest, the Scorpion Caverns, and finally the Wintel Stronghold fortress, John and Scott cut down over 60 skeletons, nearly wiping out the colony, and scaring the evil Cleric who had been spawning the monsters off the island. This feat won favor with the people of Bagara, which was further enhanced when the Venator presented Prince Dopi of Bagara with a brand new iMac. The Prince declared the iofthetigers the champions of immunity.

Days laters, back on Castillo, the iofthetigers stayed up all night in celebration of their first immunity challenge victory. On the other side of the island, the maclion tribe prepared for their first tribal council, at which time, they would have to vote a member of their crew off of the island.

9/25/05 - Clessidra Disk Drive Contest

The two tribes are currently engaged in an "
Island Rush" competition for the latest immunity challenge. On 9/16/05, the two vessels landed on the island of Pinot at the same time, thereby kicking off a battle of vessels called the "Disk Drive Contest". This battle took place in an interactive iChat session on 9/25/05. Two members of the POM challenged two members of the Venator in a "quick draw" trivia contest. The captains of both ships chose Ambassadors who represented the crews. For the Venator, it was Scott Bender (the Venator's first mate), and for the POM, it was Mark Pickett (the POM's captain). Also participating in the quiz challenge were Hazel of the Venator and Judd of the POM. The contest was neck-and-neck through the whole challenge, with the Venator sprinting to the finish line at the end. As ambassador for the winning crew, Scott received the grand prize of an EZQuest external Boa Firewire DVD+/-RW drive. Hazel received "The iPod Book", published by Peachpit Press. Mark received a used Hammer external SCSI drive and MacPlay No One Lives Forever 2. Judd received MacPlay Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal.

6/17/05 - Mapping the Island

In the third MacSurvivor award challenge, "
Thirst for Knowledge", the iOftheTigers were victorious in submitting a map of Castillo before the MacLion tribe. Both tribes received books and software as a reward, with the tigers getting first picks.

6/6/05 - Close Call at Tribal Council

In the second MacSurvivor immunity challenge, "
Tribal Web", the iOftheTigers were burned again by their rivals, the MacLions. As the tigers marched with their torches back to the center of Castillo island to their second tribal council, they contemplated the factors that kept them from victory, and wondered what they could do to give them the edge they so desparately need. At tribal council, the question put to them all is who should leave the island. One by one, the tigers cast their votes. It was a very close call, but with two votes cast for Hazel, and three votes cast for Tomas, Tomas left the tribe.

6/4/05 - Tribal Web Challenge Concludes

The results of the Tribal Web immunity challenge are in: The winning tribe, with a score of 3.23, is the maclion tribe. The iofthetiger tribe were right on their tail with a score of 3.00, and although the tigers scored highest in the "Impact" category, the lions took all of the other categories, and therefore walks away with immunity.

3/8/05 - Identity Challenge Concludes

The results of the Identity award challenge are in: The winning tribe, by 4 days, is the MacLion tribe. The MacLions have won a copy of Freeway Pro with Packs ($299 value). The ioftheTiger tribe has won a copy of Freeway Express with Packs ($179 value). Good job to both tribes for pulling through and surviving the Woz storm.

2/14/05 - Valentine's Day storm hits Castillo

Hurricane Woz hammered the island of Castillo on Valentine's day, with the castaways left to fend for themselves. Castaways that had made progress in the recent award challenge were provided tools to ensure safe cover from the storm. Unfortunately, two castaways did not survive Woz. Storm casualties include James Satterfield of the iofthetiger tribe, and Rick Davis of the maclion tribe.

Both tribes are now down to 5 members each.

1/8/05 - Fishing Accident reduces MacLion Tribe

In an effort to help provide food for the hungry MacLion tribe, castaway Jim Haney took the fishing hooks into the deeper waters to find the bigger fish. A swift undercurrent caught Jim off guard, and he lost the fishing gear into the sea. Knowing that his team would not be pleased, he set out to find the gear. Unfortunately, the sea was not kind to Jim, and it continued to thrash at him. Jim decided he best get out of the water, but in the chaos, he turned towards shore only to snag his leg on a very sharp object. He cried for help, and the rest of his tribe pulled him out of the water and up to base camp. There in Jim's leg was a very large gash with a big fishing hook hanging out. "At least I retrieved the fishing gear!" Jim shouted in joyful agony.

The MacSurvivor helicopter arrived and took Jim away. The MacLion tribe is now down to six members.

12/11/04 - And then there were 6

At the first tribal council, not a whole lot was said. The iofthetiger tribe knew that they were only as strong as their weakest member, so it did not appear that there was any difficulty in deciding who to vote off. As the votes were tallied, there were 11 votes for Travis, and 1 vote for Tomas. Travis has become the first person voted off of Castillo.

12/7/04 - The hardships of Castillo; First tribal council

Little did our castaways suspect that their
first immunity challenge would be so rough! This "Membership Challenge" round has tested the resolve of all the castaways. The rewards of the island are rich and plentiful, so the ancestral ghosts of Castillo needed to be assured that the would-be winners of this booty would be deserving.

As both tribes went into this challenge, they were asked to select a freeware or shareware title to review, and as soon as their review was published, they would earn their tribe immunity points. Upon successfully publishing a review, the reviewer could then request another title. Most titles were awarded 10 points, but certain titles were awarded 11 points. The Castillo host also provided an easy way to earn bonus points by a simple visit to the Avalon Hotline server.
Follow the trail of points earned.

This round started out very slowly, with just a few of the maclion castaways paving the path. As some of the castaways became aware of the time involved in being part of this contest, they begun jumping into the shark infested waters like lemmings off of a cliff. The iofthetiger tribe was hit the hardest, losing three members during this round, while the maclions only lost one. To add to the iofthetiger strife, the maclions had pulled far ahead in the race to victory. All had seem lost for the tigers.

However, along with the new blood that came into the iofthetiger tribe came a new energy and spirit for victory. Both new and old members made an unbelievable last minute effort to bring their team to victory. As the last days, hours, and even minutes approached to the end of this round, several reviews were submitted in hopes to earn their teams some points. In fact, during the last 10 days of this 90 day bout, there were a total of 9 reviews submitted, 6 of them by the iofthetiger tribe. On 12/6, coming back from a 40 point deficit, the iofthetigers came within 1 point of the maclions.

Unfortunately, it wasn't enough. There was one last minute review submitted by the maclions that push the maclions out of reach. Finally, there was the 10 bonus points the maclions had on reserve for winning the first award challenge that sealed the fate of the iofthetiger tribe. Great effort by both tribes, but in the end, it was the maclion tribe that prevailed. This brings us to the first tribal council in which a member of the iofthetiger tribe will be voted off the island.

Cudos to all that participated in this round, as each castaway that turned in a review will be awarded with a prize.

11/5/04 - Volcano explodes, Lava rivers rush, Castaway caught in current

In the Fire Mountains in the North of Castillo, the volcano Tidebb has unexpectedly erupted after years of inactivity. Fire, smoke, ash and lava shot out of the angry volcano, and could be seen from everywhere on the island. As the lava rivers rushed down the mountain, they destroyed everything in their path. Most of these rivers went out to sea where the ocean quickly cooled the lava into fantastic rock sculptures. One lava river, however, flowed near a remote village of castaways known as the iOftheTiger tribe. One of the tribe members, Narinder, who had gone off to meditate on the cliffs, was caught without warning in the path of the fire breathing river. Narinder made a last second attempt to escape the lava by jumping off of the cliffs into the waters below. However, just as he landed in the water, the lava also hit the water. This created an explosive and magnificent hardening of the lava. After the smoke cleared, the castaway's body was found engulfed in the hardened lava, sitting at the top of the newly formed rock sculpture. The tribe member is now a permanent part of the cliffs of Castillo, serving as a reminder and a testament to the awesome powers of the volcanoes that lurk in the Fire Mountains of Castillo.

Archeologists from around the globe chartered helicopters to check out the aftermath of Tidebb's eruption. One archeologist in particular, Hazel Valera, stopped to meet with the tribe that had suffered their terrible loss. As she pulled out her G4 Powerbook to survey the damage, and as she recorded data with a Griffin iTalk attached to her Apple iPod, they all soon realized that they shared a common passion: Apple technology. As the conversation ran into the night, Hazel missed her flight out, and has now been welcomed as the iOftheTiger's newest tribe member!

10/25/04 - Turbulance hits the MacLion tribe

Things were quite peaceful on the north cliffs of Castillo, with the new iofthetiger tribe. However, down in the south, thinking that things couldn't get any more stable, the maclion castaways were doing their nightly fire dance ritual. It was about a quarter to midnight, when Patty noticed a sneaker floating in the nearby lagoon. Curious, she waded out to the shoe to investigate. As her tribe mates watched, Patty disappeared out of their sight, as did the shoe. Moments later, as the water grew still, Patty thrust through the surface of the water screaming, "Shark!" Alas, it was too late, as she quickly went back down again locked in the jaws of the great white.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, Mac Guild Island Tours had received an inquery regarding a tour to Castillo. The would-be traveller explaimed, "I've heard Castillo is a good place to get away from it all and maybe do some fishing."

After a sad and sleepless evening after their loss, the MacLion's awoke to the sound of a helicopter approaching their beach. Sure enough, it was a Mac Guild Island Tour helicopter, and emerging from the helicopter is Mark Pickett, the newest member to the MacLion tribe.

10/20/04 - Another Helicopter approaches Castillo North

Flipping through his 250 channels of nothing to watch on TV, James Satterfield quietly contemplates to himself, "Is this all there is?"

Then, on one of the channels, an infomercial appears talking about exotic trips to uncharted islands. As one offer came up for a helicopter tour to the Isle of Castillo, James exclaimed out loud, "I'll take the tour! Hell, I need a vacation anyway!!"

[Later that day...]

As the helicopter approached the north cliffs of Castillo, James noticed a small encampment. "Can we land here to check this out?"

The pilot, Bob, turned to the other side (as if he were looking into a camera), and grinned. "Why, of course... why not?"

As the helicopter landed, the iofthetiger tribe began to gather near the landing site. James walked up to the dazed tribe, and just then Moe grabbed on to James and yelled, "Okay, take off Bob! Quick!"

James Satterfield, welcome to the iOftheTiger Tribe! May your stay be a pleasant one.

10/15/04 - Shark attacks two members of iOftheTiger tribe

Along the north shores of the Isle of Castillo, our hapless castaways of the iofthetiger tribe have suffered tragedy.

Tribe member Alex wanted to help out his team by doing some fishing. Unfortunately, Alex became food for a great white instead. He cried "Shark!", but it was too late. By the time his tribe came to his rescue, there was nothing left but a single shoe and a fishing spear that had floated to the surface.

Tribe member Suzie, realizing that her tribe needed the fishing spear that Alex left behind, made a brave attempt to retrieve it from the waters where Alex had perished. Unfortunately, it appears that Alex did not completely satisfy the shark's appetite. As Suzie felt herself being consumed by the cold steely teeth of the shark, her last action as she cried out "Shark!" was tossing the fishing spear upon land. Scott, leader of the tribe, ducked out of the way just in time, as the spear brushed by him and thrust into the tree behind him.

The iofthetiger tribe grabbed the spear, and sadly walked back to camp where they spent the remainder of the day in silence as tribute to their fallen tribe members.

The next morning, a helicopter landed 100 yards from the iofthetiger's base. As the remaining tribe members gathered near the helicopter, John Gebhardt emerged from the helicopter and walked over to the tribe.

"I've been touring the island, and noticed your camp. I'm looking to get away from civilization for awhile. Would it be okay if I stayed with you?"

Scott walked up to John and shook his hand. "Welcome to the iofthetiger tribe! Allow us to show you around..."

The helicopter took off, and the iofthetigers walked back to camp with their new tribal member.

8/31/04 - Member of the iOftheTiger tribe replaced

Bruce is unable to complete his stay on the Isle of Castillo, and so parts with his tribe.

Later that day, a single engine plane is spotted flying near the northern region of the Isle of Castillo. The plane begins to smoke, and it appears to be out of control. It's heading down, straight into the cliffs! Just before it explodes on the cliffs, the pilot jumps out of the plane and parachutes down to the water. The parachute entangles the pilot as he fights to surface. After a struggle, he emerges to the cliff staircase, and proceeds to climb up. At the top he finds a small cottage, and notices smoke coming from the chimney stack... and the iOftheTiger tribe welcomes their new member, Scott Travis.

8/24/04 -
Round #1 - Award Challenge - Concludes

The Winner: MacLion tribe

8/10/04 - MacLion tribe formed

A diverse tribe of Mac Guild members from all over the US sailed to the southern region of the Isle of Castillo. Their ship entered a small bay with a single small rough sand beach. They jumped overboard, swam to the beach, and proceeded to enter through the gate that passes through the cliff at the end of the beach. Beyond the gate is a small cave dwelling where your group will be residing during you stay on the Isle of Castillo.

Original Tribe:

Diane Love (MD)
Lane Smith (TX)
Patty Maloney (CA)
Jim Haney (CA)
Jim Melton (CO)
Judd Spitzer (FL)
Rick Davis (KY)

Diane Love was selected as Tribal leader.

8/10/04 - iOftheTiger tribe formed

A diverse tribe of Mac Guild members from all over the US sailed to the northern region of the Isle of Castillo. This part of the island has nothing but steep cliffs, so the would-be survivors jumped overboard, swam to the cliffs, and proceeded to climb the long treacherous rock stairway up. At the top of the cliffs, they found a small cottage which would be their new home for the next several months. They have become the iOftheTiger tribe of the Isle of Castillo.

Original Members:

Susan Pate (TX)
Narinder Dogra (CA)
Alex Levinson (PA)
Moe Bradley (FL)
Scott Bender (TX)
Tomas Lovato (CO)
Bruce Giancola (CA)

Scott Bender was selected as Tribal leader.