MacSurvivor Castillo

MacSurvivor Castillo

The Mac Guild has kicked off its annual User Group contest. This year's theme returns to the MacSurvivor theme, an epic "Survival"-style Apple User Group contest. We received 16 entrants from the Mac Guild membership, and 14 qualified for the contest. The contest began on 8/10/04, as the 14 contestants were split into two teams of 7, and stranded on opposite shores of the virtual island of Castillo. These two tribes, iofthetiger and maclion, will engage in challenge after challenge, each battling to become the sole survivor.

This is going to be a hard fought and strenuous challenge for all the contestants, especially for those who last the longest. The contestants will be challenged on their Mac skills and knowledge, as well as creativity and communication, and a willingness to learn new things and adopt to unique and unexpected situations. Most of all, the castaways will be tested on their endurance, as these epic contests typically last over several months.

The winner of MacSurvivor 2001, Moe Bradley, may have said it best: "I kept reminding myself that 'It's just a game!', but in reality, we all tested our ingenuity, technical talents, integrity, honesty and perseverance throughout these months, and had great fun doing it."

The contest began once the 14 castaways were split into two tribes and stranded on different sides of the island. Seven castaways scaled the steep cliffs on the north shore, and became the iOfTheTiger tribe. The other seven castaways washed upon the south shores, and banded together as the MacLion tribe.

Each round consists of an award challenge and an immunity challenge. After each immunity challenge, a castaway will be voted off of the island. This will continue until there is only one survivor remaining!

Follow the challenges by clicking on any of the sidebar links that reference the different award and immunity rounds.

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