MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Award Challenge #7
"Memories of the Fallen"

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Contest Task:

Now is the time to reflect on your fallen comrades. You will each take a walk down the halls of Castillo memories. The castaway whose memory is the strongest will reign victorious.

This is another timed quiz. The scoring is the same, 5 points per each correct answer, -1 for each incorrect answer. However, there are only 20 questions instead of 40, and this time you are timed from beginning to end (versus just during each question). In other words, if you take a 2 hour break between questions, that 2 hours gets tacked onto your time!

What you want to do is review the MacSurvivor pages before taking the quiz, then answer all the questions as fast as you can. The highest possible score is 100.

You have until Saturday, Noon, Castillo time, to complete the challenge.

NOTES: As before, set your browser to not complete answers based upon past responses; otherwise, you'll have wrong answers entered for you. Also, if you get an "Error 2 opening file", that simply means there was file contention. Just hit your browser's back button, and try again. Don't sit there and stare at the error, because time is ticking away!

Castaway Score Total Time
Diane Love 100 17.95 mins
John Gebhardt 82 18.67 mins
Mark Pickett 70 17.67 mins

Mark completed in the best time, but Diane wins the challenge with a perfect score!


Diane received 100,000 zapatti to shop on the Castillo treasure list. The items she selected are: