MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Award Challenge #5
"Looking for Home"

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Contest Task:

Now that the Cybernauts have a new tribe, they must now find themselves a new home! The first part of this task, the award challenge, entails discovering their new tribe's logo on various web pages.

Contest Details:
The Cybernauts logo has been placed on a number of Mac Guild reviews web pages. There are six pages with a single logo (one for each member of the new tribe). There is an additional page with 6 logos that represents the prize being offered as an award.

The castaways have 7 days to locate the logos. The first one to locate all of the pages wins the prize, and also wins 2 extra days head start on the following immunity challenge. If no castaway locates all the pages at the end of 7 days, the castaway who found the most pages wins the challenge. In order to win the prize, the winner must have located the web page that contains the prize. In any case, the winner receives the 2 extra day head start.

Castaways shall submit their finds by email. A submission must include the URL of the frame (which is generally not shown in the location field), and a descriptive phrase of the web page. Multiple submissions are allowed, and each new submission erases the previous submission, so be sure to include *all* finds in each submission. The only purpose for submitting a list which doesn't include all the web pages would be to receive confirmation on the submission. Bad submissions will be rejected along with the reason why.

Additionally, the winner also chooses which camp at which the new tribe will reside (either the old MacLion camp, or the old iofthetiger camp).

The following submissions were received within 24 hours of the contest starting.

11/19, 12:26PM - Scott made 4 good submissions.
11/19, 07:18PM - John made 7 incomplete submissions (links were good, no descriptions provided).
11/19, 07:10PM - Jim made 7 good submissions.
11/19, 09:48PM - John corrected his submissions, and made 7 good submissions.
11/19, 09:06PM - Mark made 7 good submissions.

Scott would have most likely completed his 7 submissions first, but he left on travel, and will be unable to attend the next immunity challenge.

I have 3 winning submissions. Above, you'll notice the times are not in order, but they are in order of when they were received on my end. I must go by the order of receipt, because times are associated to the computer sending the email, meaning that you could set your time to anything. Order received method does rely upon ISP's, but at least none of us have control over those factors (consider ISP's as the weather).

That said, the order of winning submissions is as follows:


Jim wins the awards!
  1. Dantz Retrospect (traded in for a water jug)
  2. 2 day head start on next challenge
  3. selects location of Cybernauts base camp

John and Mark, for winning submissions within first day, also win the following awards:

  1. Choice of one of the consolation prizes listed below
  2. 1 day head start on next challenge

Consolation prizes:

A) Apple Travel Mug
B) VirtualPC Water Jug
C) O'Reilly t-shirt
D) Apple Tiger t-shirt