MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Award Challenge #4
"The New Tribe"

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Contest Task:

Come up with a name and a logo for the new merged tribe. The submissions will be judged, and the one who comes up with the best submission will earn some valuable island information that will be critical in the next immunity challenge.

Contest Details:
The MacLion and iofthetiger tribes are merging into one tribe. Come up with a new for this new tribe, and a logo. The name must meet the following criteria:

1. Must be a single word (does not have to be in the dictionary).
2. Name cannot contain the words "mac", "tiger" or "lion".
3. Name cannot be the name of any of the Camlooc islands.

The names will be judged based upon creativity, flow (does it sound good), and island life representation. You will be asked for a reason behind the name, which should relate to the MacSurvivor contest.

The logo cannot be any of the past logos already used for past tribes or race ships. Logos will be judged on creativity, simplicity, color, symbolism, and design.

Castaway Team Name Logo
Scott iFusão
Moe <no submission> <no submission>
John Cybernauts
Diane Straycats
Jim Denizens <no submission>
Mark Technonuts
Judd Meaola

Votes were cast by the castaways as well as a panel of independent judges. Votes were based upon the submissions presented on the
Award 5 Vote web page.

Logo Ratings

#1 = Cybernauts (Score 21)
#2 = iFusão (Score 14)
#3 = Technonuts (Score 14)
#4 = Meaola (Score 11)
#5 = Straycats (Score 6)

Name Ratings

#1 = Cybernauts (Score 19)
#2 = Meaola (Score 15)
#3 = iFusão (Score 13)
#4 = Straycats (Score 9)
#5 = Technonuts (Score 7)
#6 = Denizens (Score 3)


For placing in the top 3 in either category, castaways got an early start in the next immunity challenge, and and extra vote at the next tribal council. For winning overall, an increased head start in the challenge, and one more vote at tribal council.

Judd, Mark and Scott placed in the top 3, and each received 2 votes at tribal council plus a head start in the Battle Royale challenge.

Concluded on 10/24/05.

Congratulations to John for the overall winning score! He received a double head start in the Battle Royale challenge, and 3 votes at tribal council. Moreover, his submission has been used for the new MacSurvivor tribe. Welcome the new Cybernauts!