MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Award Challenge #3
"Thirst for Knowledge"

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Dantz is a leader in backup and restore software for small and midsize businesses with its award-winning Dantz Retrospect product family that protects millions of computers worldwide.

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The vision of the Matias Corporation is to provide rapid and accurate data input capability to a host of readily available devices, transforming them into mobile computing appliances.

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ExcaliburWorld Software is a software company that designs and distributes entertainment software, including game projects such as Devil in a Blue Dress and Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge.

Contest Tasks:

Download the Castillo game from Hotline, and explore the virtual world of Castillo Island.

    1. Find your tribal fire and choose a hut for each tribe member.
    2. Locate your water supply.
    3. Locate the tribal council area.

Contest Details:
This award challenge will require you to take a romp through the virtual islands that you have all downloaded. You have three tasks at hand:

1. Find your tribal fire and choose a hut for each tribe member.
2. Locate your water supply.
3. Locate the tribal council area.

Both tribes have already completed the first step. All huts have been assigned. All that's left is to discover your water supply and the tribal council area. To locate your tribal council area, you will need to find a path that leads to an "exit" hot spot (this is known as an interlevel teleporter). Once you find and stand on this hot spot, you'll be teleported from your part of the island, to the central part of the island where you continue your search for the tribal council fire pit.

As the leaders of both tribes have discovered, the leader huts both have book shelves in them. This is symbolic of the vast library of Mac books available on the island. The first tribe to complete this challenge will receive their first pick of books (not to mention bragging rights). The losing tribe will receive the remaining books. Both tribes must complete the challenge before the books can be disbursed. Upon completion of the challenge, I will email each tribal leader a list of books to choose from, and the leader will allocate those books to tribal members. After that, I will mail out your books.

While you are exploring the map, be sure to map out what you find. The tribal leaders must compile a map as a JPEG image which shows the claimed huts of all of your tribe members, your water supply, and the both to tribal council. To achieve victory, it does not have to be elaborate. Use whatever tool you have at your disposal (even if it means mapping it in pencil and then scanning it). However, there is extra credit. For elaborate colored maps that provide a good overview of what Castillo island looks like (from your tribe's perspective), bonus gifts will be awarded. Additionally, each side of the island holds a secret area. The maclion tribe's secret area is dubbed "Merlin", and the iofthetiger tribe's secret area is dubbed "Knighthood" (if and when you find the area, it will be obvious why it is named as it is). Include your secret area in the map, and earn an additional bonus prize!

You have one week to send in your map. After that, the Castillo monkeys start tossing your prizes into the ocean!


Tribal Map

Central Castillo Map

Tribe/Submission Date

iofthetiger - 6/10/05

NOTES: The iofthetiger tribe opted to send in a map quickly that met the requirements of the challenge. The early submission earned them the win. The maps above were submitted later for prosperity. The bonus earned, however, was based upon their winning submission, which can be viewed here. This map earned 2 bonus points for the artistic huts, 1 bonus point for color, 1 bonus point for the path to tribal council, and an extra bonus point for the secret area of the map credit. Total bonus points = 5. Added 2 points to make up for extra player that MacLion tribe has.

maclion - 6/17/05

NOTES: Once the maclion tribe knew they lost, they waited until the very last moment before turning in their map to earn bonus points. Their map earned 5 bonus points for map texture, 4 bonus points for font and effects, 1 bonus point for color, and 1 bonus point for secret area credit. Total bonus points = 11.


The challenge has a pool of books and software for the tribes to choose from. Each tribe may choose one book for each tribe member. Bonus points may be used to purchase additional items, either books or software as listed below. The winning tribe gets first choice.

iOftheTiger claims:
  1. iMovie 4 & iDVD The Missing Manual (Scott)
  2. Google The Missing Manual (John)
  3. Make Your Own Hollywood Movie (John)
  4. Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One (Moe)
  5. Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix (Scott)
  6. Aliens vs Predator 2 (John)
  7. RealMyst (Moe)
  8. Bejeweled & Alchemy (Moe)
  9. iPhoto 4 The Missing Manual (Scott)
  10. Burn, Baby Burn (Moe)
  11. How to Do Everything with Adobe InDesign CS (Moe)
  12. GarageBand: The Missing Manual (John)
  13. Digital Photography Hacks (Scott)
  14. Mastering Mac OS X (John)

    NOTE: Hazel donated two books to the Mac Guild

MacLion claims:

  1. The PhotoshopWorld Dream Team Book (Judd)
  2. Apple Pro Training Series: DVD Studio Pro 3 (Diane)
  3. Break Into the Game Industry (Lane)
  4. Presenting Keynote: The Insider's Guide to Creating Great Presentations (Judd)
  5. iPod & iTunes Hacks (Mark)
  6. Mac OS X (v10.3) Power Tools, 2nd Edition (Lane)
  7. Modding Mac OS X (Jim)
  8. TextWrangler 1.5 (Jim)
  9. Icewind Dale (Diane)
  10. Giants Citizen Kabuto (Lane)
  11. Fallout 2 (Mark)
  12. Tron 2.0 (Judd)
  13. Balder's Gate II: Shadows of Amn (Mark)
  14. Digital Photography Hacks (Jim)
  15. Mac OS X Panther Hacks (Lane)
  16. GarageBand The Missing Manual (Judd)
  17. Mac OS X Panther In a Nutshell (Judd)

    NOTE: Mark and Diane both donated a book to the Mac Guild