MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Award Challenge #2

Sponsored by:

MacMice, Inc. is a brand of DVForge, Inc., a Tennessee corporation dedicated to the idea that people want and appreciate well executed, gorgeously crafted, over-the-top computer and A/V products.

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Apress is a publishing company devoted to meeting the needs of programmers and IT professionals, providing quality books that are not just rehashes of documentation.

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Mireth Technology produces quality software utilities including iVCD, Music Man, MacVCD, NetShred, ShredIt and To The Trash, each carefully designed to be easy to use while providing a comprehensive set of features.

Contest Tasks:
  1. First choose a project leader. This does not have to be the current team leader. In fact, it should be the person who is most familiar with graphics editing on your team.

  2. Obtain a recent picture (head & shoulders), digital or scanned in, and post it on the Hotline server. See format requirements below.

  3. Obtain a recent full body picture, digital or scanned in, and send it to your project lead. This will be used for a group composition. See details below.

  4. Each of you answered a questionnaire from a few months ago, and I will provide the answers to those questions to each project lead. The project lead will need to compile the information into a meaningful and flowing text description of your tribe.

Contest Details:
Project Leader
Your team must select a project leader for this task. The project leader will basically coordinate the project, delegate tasks, and determine who receives the Freeway product. After discussing with your team and determining the project leader, the team leader needs to email me the name of the project lead by 12/29/04.
Face Pictures
This must be a recent picture (pictures from previous contests do not qualify). The picture must be from the front, including the full face and neck (shoulders optional). The picture must be in JPEG format only, at a resolution of 72 dpi, high-quality JPEG, and 256 x 256 pixels in dimension. These JPEGs must be uploaded to the Mists of Avalon Hotline server. Log into the server using your tribe's unique logon credentials, and upload the pictures in the "Uploads" folder contained in your "Vault" (iOftheTiger Vault or MacLion Vault). It is up to the project lead to ensure that the pictures meet the requirements above.
Group Composition
Each member needs to provide their project lead a full body picture. The project lead will compile the pictures into a single picture, replacing the backdrop with something appropriate to your island lifestyle. A flag or wooden sign needs to be included showing the name or symbol of your tribe. Be creative!
Tribe Description
Using the responses to questionnaires that you all filled out, the Project Lead will create a text description of your team.
The Winner
The winning tribe will be the tribe who accomplishes all of these task first. All submissions must satisfy the requirements before they will be accepted.
The Award
The winning team receives a boxed version of Freeway Pro with Packs, a $299 value. The losing team receives a boxed version of Freeway Express with Packs, a $179 value. The project lead will pick which person the prize should be sent to within their tribe.