MacSurvivor 2004

MacSurvivor Castillo - Award Challenge #1

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The first award challenge required the following:

1. Each group to select a tribal leader.
2. Each group to create a name for the tribe and provide a description of what the name means.
3. The tribal leader must then announce the tribe to the Mac Guild list.

50% of points based on which tribe accomplishes the task first, and 50% of points based on how many responses the Mac Guild list receives to the tribal announcement.

IMPORTANT CAVEAT: Tribes may not ask, in any way, for the Mac Guild to respond to the announcement. Responses must be based solely on the interest generated by the announcement. Creativity will go a long way here. It must also somehow relate to Macs. Remember, the Mac Guild mailing list is a moderated list, so not until an announcement passes through the moderator will the announcement be established.


Group B strikes first, and announces their tribe as "Clan MacLion".
Read the original announcement. 50 points earned.

Group A is only a few hours later with their announcement as the iOfTheTiger tribe. Read the original announcement. 47 points earned.

The MacLions tempted Mac Guild members to respond by talking about ficticious features of Apple's next OS to follow Tiger, dubbed Lion.

The iOfTheTiger tribe provided a non-working URL for their tribe in hopes to encourage responses regarding the broken link.

During the course of this event, the maclion tribe deviously created a working URL for the once broken URL,, which redirected the visitors to the maclion home page. However, the maclion home page requested members to respond to their post, which was against the rules; hence, any responses received after that page went up were not counted.

NOTE: Since then, the iofthetiger tribe do have their own web site up now, at

In the end, the maclion tribe received 2 responses, and the iofthetiger tribe received none.

The winner of the award challenge: Clan MacLion

The MacLion tribe received an award of 10 bonus points to start of the next event, which is the first Immunity challenge.