How to Turn Off Color Profile Checking

by Christine Moore

There are two processes that you must perform to get rid the color profile check that invokes the alert box.

  1. In the main menu, under the "edit" selection, select "color settings". And make sure none of the Ask When Opening items are selected as seen below.

    By doing this, you are telling the application not to check for imbedded profiles.  However, it is not enough to do just that task.

  2. Next you need to drag an image that you have into the Photoshop workspace.  Upon doing that, a profile message box will appear also telling you that the color profile is not the same as your workspace.  To completely get rid of the boxes, click on the lower left check box as shown below.

    Once that is done, you should never be asked again how you want to manage your color.   By the way,  all of these items are reversible if you change your mind.