(Everybody sing!!)

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip,

That started on the Tomahawk, a mighty cruise line ship.

Somewhere in the Pacific seas, the Tomahawk went down

And only ten of the passengers were ever to be found

And no one else was found.

On driftwood rafts they found an isle with a mystic name

On Avalon they formed two tribes to play the Survivor Game

And win the Survivor Game.

The ten survivors now are six, two tribes have joined as one

With Moe and Mark

And Joann, too

There's Kent and Judd

And Jul-ie

The Macaroons!

The Macaroons will play the game on the Isle of Avalon.

Now this is the tell of the Macaroons and all the things they'll do

To win the games and immunity until there's only two.

And when the final two are named and voted as the best

They'll get to pick from the prizes inside the Treasure Chest.

So if you want to know the scores or what treasures can be won

Just click on the chest or coconut, that leads to Avalon!