Avalon Island Vault

The winner of the Survivor contest received $1,000,000!
Avalon Island (AI) dollars, that is.

The runners-up received $500,000 AI, $350,000 AI, $250,000 AI, $150,000 AI, and $100,000 AI (respectively).

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Below is a list of all the prizes made available for the Survivor contest. Please note that there are unclaimed prizes, and those will be available in future contests!


Title Cost AI$ (Retail in US$) Description

Apple Final Cut Pro 1.2.5

$900,000 ($999) Apple's award winning professional video editing, compositing, and special effects application. Read more...

Microsoft Office 2001 $700,000 ($500) Microsoft Office 2001 was created specifically for Macintosh and designed to give you all the tools you need, simply and effectively. Office 2001 contains Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and the new Entourage e-mail and personal information manager. Read more...

Apple Hypercard 2.4 $500,000 ($99) Apple's premier tool for creating custom software solutions for business, education, and multimedia--and now, the World Wide Web! Read more...

AppleWorks 6 $500,000 ($79) The latest version of AppleWorks, the most popular program on the Mac, with six core capabilities: word processing, spreadsheet, database, presentation, drawing and painting. Read more...

Chronos Personal Organizer $400,000 ($59) Seamlessly combines a calendar, address book and word processor, and synchronizes with your PalmPilot and Visor connected organizers. Read more...

Black Cross Pen with Apple Logo $350,000 ($35) Stylish Cross black ballpoint pen featuring the rainbow Apple logo on the pocket clip.

Myth: The Fallen Lords for Macintosh $300,000 ($50) Real-time strategy game set in a true 3D world.

Wheel Mouse Optical USB/PS2

$300,000 ($30) USB/PS2 mouse with an optical sensor called the IntelliEye (no moving parts).

iBook for Dummies Book $250,000 ($20) The iBook for Dummies is like having a good friend over your shoulder, offering friendly advice while leading you to the promised land of simple computing.

Mac OS 9 for Dummies Book $250,000 ($20) Make your Mac purr with Apple's Mac OS 9, and with Mac OS 9 For Dummies, the fun and easy way to maximize your Mac's performance.

Apple Sweatshirt

$250,000 ($20) Hard to find one-size-fits-all Apple sweatshirt (actual size is XXL).

Apple Beach Towel $200,000 ($20) Full-sized beach towel featuring "Apple" and a beach ball in Apple colors.

Black Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge T-shirt $200,000 ($18) Black t-shirt with a blue 3MG logo on the front and the Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge intro screen on the back (XL only).

White Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge T-shirt

$150,000 ($15) White t-shirt with MMMG shield logo on the front and collage of game sprites on the back (XL only).

Black Globe T-shirt with Apple Logo

$150,000 ($12) Black t-shirt with a rainbow colored Apple logo on the front, and Apple's URL under an Internet Globe on the back (XL only).

Apple: The Inside Story of Intrigue, Egomania, and Business Blunders

$100,000 ($16) Read all about Apple's history in this critically acclaimed best seller by Jim Carlton, written in 1997, but expanded in 1998 to include the return of Steve Jobs. This is a used book, in good condition.

Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge CD

$100,000 ($10) First-person action adventure game, a total conversion of Marathon Infinity. Features all new sounds and graphics with a story that weaves a tale of truth and honor, knighthood and bravery, darkness and treachery. Read more...

Rebirth of Cool Apple Poster

$50,000 ($10) This 22" by 28" Rebirth of Cool poster features the Graphite DV iMac, and was provided only at a press conference in October of 1999.

Apple's Life-size Cinema Display Poster $50,000 ($10) This is a wide 70" by 27" life-sized picture of the Apple 22" Cinema Display.

Apple White t-shirt

$50,000 ($10) White t-shirt with "Apple" in large letters under the rainbow Apple logo on the front, and blank on the back (XL only).

Muggy Bear

$50,000 ($7) Adorable plush Teddy bear with an embroidered "Muggy Bear" on the front, and an embroidered URL of the Mugstore website on the back.

Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 ($999 value)
by Apple

Final Cut Pro streamlines video production with its easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Multifunction windows keep all tools handy at all times. Hereís a list of the major features and benefits which make Final Cut Pro your best choice for editing video. Take the Final Cut Pro Walkthrough.

Editing: Give it your best shot
The latest edition of Final Cut Pro offers powerful editing capabilities.The editing palette lets you work your magic on your digital footage, while a handy timeline window gives you a complete linear graphic representation of your project just about all the way to awards night.

Compositing: Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 offers unlimited compositing layers
If you want to be known not just for your visual ideas, but for your incredible attention to detail, Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 has just the tools you need to acquire a fearsome reputation.

Media Management: Store your clips in 34 bin categories
Open multiple sequences and programs, sort list views by names and other parameters; and put everything in its place.

Input & Output: make sure your video editing software is FireWire-ready
Besides FireWire, Final Cut Pro 1.2.5 features a complete suite of digital video and audio input and output formats, including QuickTime video, Motion and Photo JPEG, Sorenson, Cinepak and more.


Office 2001: Macintosh ($500 value)
by Microsoft

Microsoft Office 2001 for Macintosh builds on the excellence that Macintosh users enjoyed in Office 98. In the latest version, Microsoft revamps the form and function of the Office suite to make it feel more at home on the Mac than ever.

A curvy new interface, which echoes the elegance of the upcoming Mac OS X, reveals improvements in each component. Word's versatile editing tools now include instant access to Encarta dictionary definitions; and Excel now imports FileMaker databases, sorts and manages lists, and sports a new calculator that simplifies formula creation. PowerPoint's new Tri-Pane interface and text AutoFit feature make it easier to build presentations. Plus, the ability to save PowerPoint documents as QuickTime movies makes it easier to share them.

The most significant addition to Office 2001 is the new personal-information manager. Dubbed Entourage, it will handle your e-mail (AutoFormat and AutoCorrect features that are borrowed from Word nicely refine composition), address book, to-do list, and calendar. Entourage can filter your e-mail and tasks quickly with color-coded categories and custom views, and sync seamlessly with your Palm OS device, which helps to keep you organized.

Entourage's presence is felt throughout Office 2001--every application will let you flag documents for follow-up and pass the reminder on to the calendar, and the address book is accessible at any time, which is invaluable if you use Word for mail-merge tasks.

This integrated approach is key to Office 2001's appeal. A new Formatting Palette automatically shows tools that are relevant to the task at hand; the Office Clipboard palette keeps track of multiple items that have been copied from different Office applications; and the ubiquitous Office Assistant is always on hand with tips and how-to advice.

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Chronos Personal Organizer ($59 value)

Chronos' award-winning Personal Information Manager, Personal Organizer, is the most powerful and intuitive "PIM" available for the Macintosh.

Personal Organizer seamlessly combines a calendar, address book and word processor. Plus it synchronizes with your PalmPilot and Visor connected organizers (ANY model). It sports an elegant, customizable interface and is even smart enough to understand English phrases!

Group Organizer is a client/server model based upon the Personal Organizer concept. It allows users to work over a network and share a common data file. It can work via both Appletalk and TCP/IP networks.

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Wheel Mouse Optical USB/PS2 ($30 value)
by Microsoft

Like a mouse in a maze, your computer mouse may sometimes make you feel trapped. You keep running into the same, old walls in search of the big cheese. Microsoft's Optical Wheel Mouse has the solution. Forget about old, mechanical technology in mice that quickly wear down and collect dirt. With the optical sensor called the IntelliEye, the Wheel Mouse optical will move with ease and grace.

Browse the Web without using toolbars or the keyboard. Program the buttons to execute regular actions in your favorite programs. The Wheel Mouse optical is perfect for left or right-handed, small or large hands can all use this affordable mouse. The shape supports your hand and encourages natural posture. And don't forget that this mouse will work on virtually any surface.

Wheel Mouse includes Microsoft's IntelliPoint software to ensure installing the mouse is as easy as connecting it to either a USB or PS/2 port.