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Like many others, I consider myself a typical Mac OS X web surfer, usually switching off between Apple's Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Claire J Rottenberg has put together an interesting article about a few other browsers that I have not visited in awhile, or never even heard of. It makes for an interesting read for all Mac OS X web surfers.

Article "Special Features of Mac OS X Web Browsers" (12-20-08)

Garmin RoadTrip

For those of you that have been using Garmin products for a number years and lamented the fact that Garmin only supported the Windows interface, the freeware RoadTrip for Mac OS X will be a welcome relief. Check out this detailed review of the software by Mac Guild member John Gebhardt.

Read the full review of Garmin's RoadTrip (12-15-08)

iTunes Tips

Although iTunes is an excellent application for organizing music and video files, it is really much more than that. iTunes, in combination with the iTunes store, can be a great tool for learning. Using podcasts, iTunes U and audiobooks, you can broaden your knowledge on a vast array of topics, including politics, business and the arts. In this article, I describe some of the options available for using iTunes to extend your learning.

Read the article "Learning with iTunes" (10-11-08)

WWDC 2008 Conference

Another great write-up from Mac Guild Staff Writer Larry Peng on this year's World Wide Developer's Conference. As usual, the article includes details from the conference, ranging from the Keynote, Mac OS X State of the Union, Graphics and Media, iPhone Integration, and much more. The WWDC articles are now only presented in PDF format. To safe the format to your desktop, either use right-click on the link below, or view the PDF on your browser, and use the Adobe toolbar to save the document.

Read the full WWDC 2008 Trip Report (10-9-08)


Did you ever want to write your own Applescripts? How about an Applescript to examine your printer, or list the contents of a folder? There are now a number of Applescript examples provided on the Mac Guild scripts page for performing a variety of different functions. This is an excellent resource for exploring more about Applescript by way of example (current examples are courtesy of Mac Guild member Joe Szedula).

Applescript Examples (9-26-08)

Leopard Update - Reactions & Tips

Now that Apple has released its fourth update to Mac OS X 10.5, Claire Rottenberg shares her early reactions to the update and some tips for successfully installing it. Apple's information sheet on the update is slim on details. Except for mentioning a few bug fixes, mostly to iCal, the sheet states that the 10.5.4 update plugs some security leaks in the operating system. This might be reason enough to upgrade, but I found a few bug fixes that may also make upgrading worthwhile.

Read the article "Mac O X 10.5.4 Update - Reactions and Tips" (7-7-08)

The RecipeManager 2.2 -

Mac Guild member Mike Lloyd says "dump those old notebooks and get a copy of The Recipe Manager". In his review summary, he writes "The Recipe Manager (TRM) is a full-featured recipe manager, which also supports sophisticated meal planning. It simplifies the management of your recipes, while maintaining sufficient information to easily find the information that you need to prepare nutritious meals. It provides support during the preparation process by offering a special large size display of the recipe's ingredients and instructions. It offers the capability to easily input recipes from a variety of sources. Unfortunately like many other tools of this nature, it still requires discipline and time to modify your process."

Read the 5-Star detailed review by Mike Lloyd (6-24-08)

Online Communication with Your Mac

A popular use of the Macintosh is for online communications. Over the past few years, Claire Rottenberg, author of Easy Guides for Mac OS X software, made some new, life-long friends with her Mac and its online interaction options. In this article, she describes several of the ways you can use your Mac for online communication, including chat programs, online forums and mailings lists, and social communities.

Read the article "Online Communication with Your Mac" (3-7-08)

Christmas Blast Raffles

This year has ended with a blast! Starting after Thanksgiving with "End of Year" raffles held every two or three days, and ending with a "Christmas Blast" weekend with 11 raffle winners, we have had 21 raffle winners receive some great prizes this December. Merry Christmas to all!

Click here to see who won what (12-25-07)

Mac Guild Logo Clothing

Want to find some nice clothing sporting a very styling embroidery of the Mac Guild logo? Wear your User Group colors with pride, and order yourself a shirt or hat today. The Mac Guild embroidery set up fee has already been paid, so you pay only for the clothing item plus an $8 embroidery fee.

Read all about Mac Guild logo clothing (12-15-07)

WWDC 2007 Conference

Another great write-up from Mac Guild Staff Writer Larry Peng on this year's World Wide Developer's Conference. As usual, the article includes details from the conference, both in HTML and PDF form.

Read the full WWDC 2007 Trip Report (10-9-07)

Wacom Graphire4 Tablet

This is a feature review for the Wacom Graphire4 Tablet. This 5-star review details the Graphire4 tablet, wireless pen and wireless mouse, and discusses the accompanying customization software, and some third party applications. It highlights the operation and precision of the wireless pen and mouse, and the various ways the tablet can be used effectively. The highlights are the ergonomic and pressure-sensitive pen, wireless and battery-less technology, some great 3rd party Mac software, excellent preferences for customizing your needs, and great control for handwriting, photo touch-up and digital art.

Read the complete Graphire4 review (3-9-07)

WWDC 2006 Conference

Mac Guild WWDC Staff Writer Larry Peng once again provides a detailed trip report on this year's World Wide Developer's Conference. His trip report provides everything WWDC, including Steve Job's keynote, Mac OS X, Leopard, Time Machine, and more. The article also includes several useful links related to the material, including a link to the PDF version of the write-up.

Read the full WWDC 2006 Trip Report (1-16-07)

Apple Studio Display Settlement

For those of you who had an Apple LCD Studio Display and experienced the blinking power light problem, and if you fixed the problem either yourself, or paid someone else to fix it, you could qualify for a full or partial refund of your repair costs. Apple has settled a class action lawsuit with regards to this specific display problem. Details of the settlement are now included at the top of the article that discusses the backlight problem and solution. Included in the article are links to the settlement page where you can download a form to file a claim.

Studio Display Backlight Problem, Solution and Settlement (11-10-06)

MacSurvivor Revisited

It was a long haul for the Mac Guild contestants stranded on Castillo Island, and a hard and enduring battle to the end! After 14 castaways, a few replacements, and countless challenges to tax the wits, patience and Mac knowledge of the would-be survivors, a winner was finally declared. Trace the footsteps of the contest, and see what the winner went through over a year and half before being crowned the Sole Survivor of Castillo. To honor the castaways, and to pay homage to all past Mac Guild contestants who sacrificed a little dignity for the sake of competing in challenges, look for the host of Castillo adorned in merchandise from both of the original tribes.

MacSurvivor: Castillo - A Look Back (7-17-06)

Dual Identities

2006 has certainly been an interesting year for Apple fans. The latest flurry of activity surrounds Boot Camp, a tool from Apple that will allow you to install and run Windows XP alongside OS X on an Intel-based Mac in a dual-boot configuration. Read this article for a full editorial write-up on the prospects, by Guild member Dan Schneider.

Dual Identities: The Possibility of Running Two Operating Systems (5-12-06)

iPod Naming Book Giveaway

Recent MacSurvivor contestant, Diane Love, was given the opportunity to give away an Apress book that she reviewed during the contest. Rather than just select a member to give it to, she decided to conduct a special iPod Naming contest. After receiving a number of entries for iPod names, she posted her results and selected a winner.

iPod Naming Contest and Book Giveaway (5-1-06)

Seven Days with Bryce

Mac Guild Staff Writer, and recent MacSurvivor contestant, Diane Love, has put together an article on how she used Bryce to create a map in the MacSurvivor contest. The article features her step by step approach in creating the map using Photoshop and Bryce, and includes a helicopter tour movie of the island (also created with Bryce).

Article: Seven Days with Bryce (4-17-06)

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