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Podcasting and Toastcasting

We've all heard about podcasting, we've seen and listened to podcasts on iTunes, and we've been told that anyone can do it. If it's so easy, why isn't everyone doing it? Well, the first thing you need is to be pointed in the right direction. Staff Writer Judd Spitzer provides an "in a nutshell" article on how to get started creating your own podcasts and toastcasts. Written in simple Mac-flavored terms, hopefully this article is the push you have been waiting for.

Article: How to Podcast or Toastcast (12-14-05)

Mac Automation

What would you say to saving three weeks of repetitive tasks a year for just a few minutes of setup? Repetitive tasks add up, and automation software for the Mac is available for reducing the effort and saving you time. Read the latest article by Guild member David Sinton on Mac Automation. The article references two Mac automation software titles recently reviewed by the Mac Guild.

Save time by removing repetitive tasks! (11-27-05)

WWDC 2005 Conference

Mac Guild WWDC Staff Writer Larry Peng once again provides a detailed trip report on this year's World Wide Developer's Conference. His trip report provides everything WWDC, including Steve Job's keynote, Mac OS X, Cocoa, Webkit, Dashboard, Automator, and more. The article also includes several useful links related to the material, including a link to the PDF version of the write-up.

Read the full WWDC 2005 Trip Report (7-29-05)

The Subculture War

Staff Writer Judd Spitzer's take on the Mac/Intel announcement at WWDC. An excerpt: "The hope is that the world sees the Mac in the same rose-colored glasses that Mac users see it in. That is to say, with style, ease of use, ergonomically correct, and innovative."

Read the article "The Subculture War" (6-18-05)

iPod-ing My BMW

When Apple announced a gizmo to iPod your BMW, Mac Guild member Mike Saemisch took them up on it. It even inspired him to purchase a brand new iPod Photo. Mike wrote up his experience, describing how his new iPod Photo is integrated with his BMW X5.

Read the article "iPod-ing My BMW" (5-16-05)

A Look at the Dual G5

Guild member Harvey Chao took advantage of a recent Mac Guild coupon along with the EPP discount, and upgraded his old G4 to a new Dual processor G5. He wrote a short article describing his purchasing decision and a short review of the new machine.

Read the review "A Look at the Dual G5" (5-9-05)

Mac OS X Likes & Dislikes

The "Mac OS X Migration" poll was conducted from Panther to Tiger (2004 to 2005), asking members of the Mac Guild to summarize their Mac OS X migration experience. The poll allowed members to express their top 10 likes and dislikes about Mac OS X. The responses have been tallied under the headings of "Likes" and "Dislikes" and can now be viewed on the web.

View the Mac Guild Top 10 Likes and Dislikes for Mac OS X (4-29-05)

Repairing the Apple Pro Keyboard

Guild member Harvey Chao experienced a "mishap" with one of his Apple keyboards. After researching keyboard repair on the web, he successfully disassembled, repaired, and re-assembled the keyboard back to working order. Read this article for a complete write-up of his experience.

Instructions for Repairing the USB Apple Pro Keyboard (4-17-05)

Macromedia Studio MX 2004

Judd Spitzer and Gordon Hamachi took a close look at the Macromedia Studio MX 2004 bundle that includes Flash, Fireworks, Freehand and Dreamweaver. They have provided some excellent insight to the product as it pertains to web publishing and productivity. The article also includes a link to a detail review of the product, including a breakdown of each of the programs in the suite.

Discussion of Macromedia Studio MX 2004 (3-18-05)

Apple 17" Studio Display Backlight Problem

For those of you who have an Apple 17" LCD Studio Display and are noticing a blinking power light, you most likely are one of many who are suffering from a Backlight Inverter problem. Like most, your warranty is now expired, yet it's only been a few years, so you're not ready to spend another $1000 to replace it. If you are not intimidated by disassembling your hardware, there is a cost effective alternative to buying a new display or paying big bucks for someone else to fix it. You can purchase a Backlight Inverter for $130 and replace it yourself. Read the instructions in this article, and decide for yourself whether you're a candidate for taking this step.

Detailed Instructions on Replacing Studio Display Backlight Inverter (1-25-05)

November Newsletter

Our end of year newsletter came early this year, so I had to find a new icon to replace Santa with. Click on the link or icon to download a PDF version of the Mac Guild Newsletter for November, 2004.

View the November 2004 Mac Guild Newsletter (11-9-04)

Setting Up Eudora LDAP

Since Lockheed Martin moved to new LDAP servers using port 3268 instead of port 389, making LDAP queries in Eudora on a Mac has been a challenge. This article outlines the steps to properly configure Eudora on the Mac to get the most out of your LDAP queries.

How to Setup Eudora LDAP Settings on a Mac (10-9-04)

PC Grill

Have you been searching for a good use for your Wintel box? Guild member Moe Bradley has discovered a unique way to salvage your PC and feed the family at the same time. Check out her instructions for building your own PC grill!

Instructions for building a PC Grill (8-29-04)

WWDC 2004 Conference

Long-time Guild member Larry Peng, our own WWDC Pioneer, attended this year's World Wide Developer's Conference and provides yet another excellent write-up of his trip. In his trip report, he talks about Steve Job's keynote, Tiger, OS X Server, and much more. Read the trip report on the web or download the PDF version.

Read the full WWDC 2004 Trip Report (7-30-04)

Appleworks Spreadsheet Design

If you are interested in Appleworks spreadsheets, or spreadsheet design in general, Mac Guild member Tony LaFemina articulates the in's and out's of spreadsheet design, from construction to display, layout to design, and more. It also includes a download link to two sample Appleworks spreadsheets.

Read the Spreadsheet Design article (7-2-04)

Mac Guild Specials

Mac Guild members qualify for several Apple User Group specials, providing discounts on Apple hardware, software, and technology books. This new "Specials" area of the Mac Guild web site organizes the different specials available to the Mac Guild. Don't pirate your software - purchase it at a discount!

View the Mac Guild specials and discounts (6-4-04)

Mac Guild Poll #2

All Mac Guild members, lurkers included, please submit a response to our 2nd annual Mac Guild poll. This is the Mac OS X Migration poll, and a simple response earns 2 Mac Guild points.

Take the Mac Guild poll (4-8-04)

Safari Online Bookshelf

Safari is an online bookshelf of technology books that you can read from any location where you have access to the internet. Based upon your subscription, you have access from 5 to 30 books a month to read, search and print from.

Read the full Safari review (4-6-04)

Virtual PC Ain't So Bad

In response to some negative statements recently asserted against Virtual PC, this article provides a more positive perspective on Virtual PC, what it can do for you and your Mac, and some tips on how best to use it.

Read the full article (4-3-04)

Panther Dock-B-Gone

Have you found a better tool for managing your desktop than the OS X Dock? Sure, there's options out there, but how do you dispose of the Dock once you have the tool you really want to use? This article provides a simple Panther solution for virtually eliminating the OS X Dock so that you can freely use other tools, such as DragThing.

Read the full article (3-24-04)

iLife 'O4 First Impressions

... in the past we all talk about how we've gotten it for free and now they're charging for it. That is a bummer, but the price is right at less than $50. But are you getting what you pay for? My first impressions is that this is well worth the money. So here's some first impressions with a bit of a rundown...

Read the full article (1-27-04)

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